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usaphotonation is a scam operation.

I wish I found www.resellerratings.com prior to placing my order. I received email telling me to call them. I called and found it odd that message didn't even mention store name. After being on hold a long time, spoke to a curt individual who tried to sell me more stuff. When I said to cancel my order he said they would charge a fee. I said I would dispute it via my credit card company and he made a comment of how I was oh-so-familiar with that process and that he'd see me in court. What a jerk! This business should be shut down as it obviously has no intention of operating ethically.
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Other than B&H photo in New York,could someone name a fewgood, reputable onlineretailers please??


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Crutchfield.com is probably the best internet/mailorder place for electronics. Newegg.com also has a great reputation.

Sierratradingpost.com is also one of the best, if you need outdoor equipment. They will even have a camera or two, every now and then....

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I have got good service and price from Newegg and Beach camera
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camerafilters.com (I have bought from them before, and I can highly recommend them for filters, and other lens accesories)

newegg.com (Already mentioned, great place though...)

zipzoomfly.com (the "NEW" newegg.com type sales place. Great prices, 2nd day FedEx shipping for free with almost every order)

resellerratings.com (A site to enter a company's name into and see where they rate)

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Use Popular Photography Magazine's "check-rated sellers" advertisers. I have bought from several over the years, and never had troubles with these old established retailers. They were in business long before the internet, and offer internet sales in addition to their retail stores. A mile above the "internet only" stores. My personal experience over many years includes both 35mm and digital: B&H Photo, Adorama, Beach, Willoughby's etc. They've been around for more than 20 years, and they depend on repeat customers.
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bugeyedigital is another one.

I ordered some items from them on a Thursday evening (shipped priority mail) and received it by noon on Saturday. Couldn't believe it and was not expecting it that quick. From other commentsI have seen, they do get the products out the door.

Have also ordered from newegg and their service is great.

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profeel.com ... these folks can be trusted. Read the epinions.com for yourself. I purchased from them...they're nice to customers and they give you what you order, without messing you around and bothering you with other things. The delivered my package 2 days ahead of the expected arrival date...which surprised the heck out of me. Terrific stuff.
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I've only delt with them once, but I can add Amazon.com to the good vendor list. Great price and super fast shipping. Check to see who is selling the item. Amazon lets other vendors list items. I'm only vouching for Amazon.

As far as your order problem, I've never heard of a charge for order cancelation. Make sure you've read the seller's policy. It's a common practice for bottom-line sellers to attempt to pad your order with accessories. That's where they make their money. In most cases, it could be items that you would buy anyway. Just check prices. The "call back" scheme is a dead giveaway.

These places know you're not going to take them to court. The cost is not worth it. There may be a problem with your credit card company too. If you can't show that the order was canceled, the item could be shipped and you'd have to pay.
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I have tosay that having ordered fromProfeel twice for cameras I am not completely satisfied with them..it's about a 50/50 chance. The first time around I ordered a digital camcorder and everything went wrong, from the shipping date to the arrival, the lack of the free gift they promised, they didn't use expedited shipping I requested, to them calling to "confirm" the order at 1 AM. After I left them a 1 star review on epinions though they contacted me and gave me a gift certificate and apologized so I tried it again when I needed a new digital camera since they had the best price. The second time around everything went fine exceptthey did still make a sales call to try and sell me some of their very overpriced accessories (check the site for the price of things such as Mini Dv tapes it's ridiculous). If you don't mind telling them no you don't want a camera cases, lens cleaner, etc. etc. though they aren't a bad place to order from.
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