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Which one? Fuji Fin pix s7000 or fuji S5100?

I was all set to get the Fuji S5100. I like the feel of it, the price, the zoom and the speed. But after talking to the guy in the store he felt for my needs the flash wouldn't be strong enough and I would do better with the S7000. The price would be about $150-$250 more or with buying the external flash. With both cameras I have to buy new cards, So I am not taking that into the price.

The S5100 has a rebate right now and brings it down to $299 plus a $40 gift card. So it is a great deal.

I take pictures of my kids. Their sports are all outside. I do shoot in the class rooms but really haven't had a problem with lighting. I run into problems if they are on stage for something or at church but that is rare that I need to take pictures in that light. I want something that can handle moving kids!

My current camera is a Samsung Digimax V4. It is a dog! Very slow and the flash is poor.

So how is the flash on the S5100? I love the zoom on it! But is it hard to keep still?

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I don't know how the guy in the store determined you needed a stronger flash than the S5100, unless you told him something you didn't tell us. It would appear that most of your shooting will be outdoors (kids sports), in whch case I would prefer the stronger zoom of the S5100 (10x) over the 6x of the S7000. To me, the more powerful zoom is an extremely important feature for outdoor photography.

I own the S5100, and I'm very pleased with it. The flash has yet to disappoint me, and I don't have any trouble holding the camera still at maximum zoom.

Spend the money you save on a couple of xD cards, a carrying case, a UV filter, a good NiMh battery charger and a couple sets of AA NiMh batteries.

Good luck.

the Hun

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Thanks so much for your input! I think because I told him it was one of the reasons I wanted to trade up. And I guess I put a lot of umph into how much my flash stunk!

And I did question about the flash since it is the first point and shoot I am buying that has a pop up flash.

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