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Hello you all!. I want you to give me your advice, I need a point and shoot camera, i use to be the family memories guy so i dont have time for a tripod and that stuff, i want the picture quality to be the best i can get, and a camera that with some time let me control stuff to be introduced to semi professional photography. It should not cost more than $500 also i need it to take picture of sports about people moving and kicking a ball (yeah, soccer ) and also i have super shaky hands. So pls help me i actually have a Sony DSC-P200 and i like it, but most of my images are blurry. Thnx in advance. :?
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I'd say the camera you have is as good as you'll get. You could look at the Canon A series for a bit more control or look for a camera with Image Stabilisation.

However I'd say you'd be best learning to use the camera you already have. It was only announced in January this year so you can't have had it long.

Is the blurring caused by camera shake or because the shots are out of focus.

If it's camera shake brace yourself against something, tuck your elbows into your chest and hold your breath as you take the shot.

If it's out of focus it may well be that you are not allowing the camera to focus. Most digicams will focus if the shutter is pressed halfway down. Once focused press the shutter the rest of the way to take the shot. This also helps the shutter lag as a large part of digital shutter lag is actually focus time. If you press the shutter all the wa down and hold it most cameras will take the shot even if it is not able to focus.
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Blurry action shots can also be caused by lack of shutter speed, which is common with most digicams when shooting at the long end of the zoom. If you use something that will allow higher shutter speeds, you will eliminate not only blurred subjects, but also blur from shakey hands.

If you are indeed shooting at the long end of the zoom (which isn't much with a P-series), then you would do better with something like a Panasonic FZ-series mega-zoom, or a dslr. The Panasonics have an image-stabilized 12x zoom that is f/2.8 across the entire zoom range. These also have manual exposure modes, and the larger FZ15 and 20 have proper manual focusing via the lens barrel.

If you want to, post one of your pictures here, so perhaps we can figure out why your pics are blurry, and then perhaps come up with more specific suggestions...

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