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i have the s1, and i love it... i dont complain about its low light focusing problems; i do not zoom 10x in a dark room.. but i do care about its focusing speed.. that makes me consider fz5.. shall i change it? shall i give up exellent video capability, stitch assist, swivel LCD, underwater case, manual focus?? by the way i am a geologist. thank you.. if there are people who had used both of them, iwould like to hear their first impressions.. difficulties using the cameras etc..
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I haven't used the Canon S1 IS but I too was torn between that and the FZ5. Handled both of them, hemmed and hawed for a few months and finally held out for the FZ5. I absolutely love it and I do not regret the purchase at all. Takes great pics right out of the box and it is easy to navigate. My other cam is a Canon SD200 and there is no comparision between quality of pictures. I will never touch the SD200 again!

Kind of wish the FZ5 had a swivel screen on it because there are probably situations where you'd use it. The FZ5 focuses really fast and I delete very few of the pics I take even if the subject is boring - I like to look at the details and marvel over them!
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