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I currently own a Canon S30, which I have been very happy with, but it's wearing down and that darn door is coming loose so I wanted an upgrade.

While I like to consider myself an 'enthusiast', my primary photo needs are for a camera I can keep in my pocket and have ready for a quick high quality photo of family, indoors and outdoors, as well as some landscape scenery photos for my own enjoyment as 8x10s on the wall. I do lots of editing of my photos, croping, etc. so I like the largerresooution images to work with. Currently I primary usethe automatic settings on the s30 and will continue to use those settings on a new camera, but I do like having a number ofdifferent settings avaialble to adapt to the photo environment.

I am leaning towards the SD500 because of it's smaller size, auto features and no door on the front to snag on things in my pocket. Also, it seems a bit easier to use when I hand it over to someone else to shoot a photo. But some features of the s70 are still appealing, including in no small part that I already have a few compact flash I memory cards, and a spare battery. Also, I was wondering how big of an impact the wide angle feature on the s70 would make in close up shots (ex. If I am standing very close to my kids and want to get a quick shot of them, will the wide angle make a huge difference in getting a better photo, or not much at close range like that)

Any help would be great !
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You will get a lotmany kids in the pic with the wide angle lens, but 'quick' is not what S70 is known for.In factone good 7MP/3.3Xopticalzoom/Very fast/pocketable/$340 choice is Sony P200.Worth consideration.

JMO, ofcourse.
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the P200 has a lesser lens and I think fewer manual settings. It is not wide-angle.

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You don't want to take people photos real close up at 28mm. You end up with long noses and other wide angle distortions. Wide angle is good for group shots when you can't back up enough to get everyone in the shot. It is also great for scenery and interiors.

If you don't use the auto settings or raw the SD500 might be the better choice. It has a lot faster shutter lag and is more compact.

I do think the SD500 is a little overpriced right now, but if that doesn't bother you it seems to be a nice camera.

There are some good things to be said for the Sony P200. The S70 and SD500 both produce a good bit of red eye, which requires post processing. The P200 is the only really small and competent camera I know of that has the flash far enough away from the lens to avoid most red eye. I'm guessing that by "lesser" lens shutter_bug was pointing out it is only 3X compared to 4X on the S70. Its lens has less distortion, corner softness and purple fringing than either of the Canons. It has fewer controls than the S70 but more than the SD500. It is also fast.

I'm not a big fan of scene modes other than sports/action and portrait. The S70 would be a lot more pleasing to me in that respect because there are fewer useless modes to wade through to get to the few I use. An odd glitch of the SD500 is that there is no way to maximize your shutter speed for outdoor action shots. Not a big deal, but it should have an action mode along with all of the useless ones.

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