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Im totally stuck on which camera to buy. Its main use is for trophy shots when fishing so the mju is a must for its weatherproof qualitys. I cant afford the 500 so the 400 or 410 it must be. The verve is also out of the question as a large number of shots will be taken at night and the flash wont be strong enough? The 410 was my first choicebut then i read a review that said its picture quality was awful due to some new anti noise chip turning detail into mush or something? So then i opted for the 400. But looking at the sample pictures i cant really see much difference and some reviews ive read tonight dont really rate that model much neither. Ill mainly want 6x4 prints with the occasional larger print for a cracking fish or just a generally good photo. Also how long is thetimer when using the remote? As ill want that for self pics when on the bank. All help appreciated. Cheers. Simon.
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You might want to rethink your selection. I too love to fish, and therefore, about 10 years ago I bought a weatherproof film camera so that I could take it out on the boat and take fish pictures. The camera still works today, but I rarely took pictures with it, because the picture quality wasn't very good. Weather proof is nice, but it isn't waterproof - big difference. And, if it doesn't take good pictures, you won't use it much.

Since you night fish, look at cameras that have an AF assist lamp, so that your camera can focus in low light conditions. Pick one that uses NiMH rechargeable batteries rather than a proprietary Lithium-Ion. Of course you want great picture quality, and also try to get one with as powerful a zoom as you can afford. As a fisherman, there will be many times when the most exciting thing you may see will be something other than a fish at the end of your line. You may see (depending on where you fish) herons, egrets, alligators, turtles, snakes, ospreys, gulls, etc. Why not take some great wildlife pics while waiting for that prize fish? Those little 3x zooms are pretty much useless when trying to take a picture of a rare bird sitting way up on a tree limb.

I understand the afford part of your post, but if you shop hard for price, you can probably buy a better camera than the ones you are currently looking at for not too much more money.

Good luck whichever way you go.

the Hun
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