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I believe Canon started out by copying the Leica, sort of a "Leica for the masses".

Could Canon start offering IS in the camera bodies? If so, what of those people who already own IS lenses and upgrade to those bodies? Double IS?

I don't think all photogs think IS is that important. Minollta thinks it does, to the point that they pushed the price of their camera body up.

I wonder what the sales figures are on the Minolta 7D versus the Canon Rebel/XT or the D20? I read somewhere that Canon has 68 percent market share of digital SLR sales. Minolta, Pentax, Nikon , Fuji, Sigma and others share the rest.

Canon has the major market because they excel in what photogs want most: image quality and low noise. They are also known for excellent lenses at fair prices.

-- Terry

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Both cameras take great pictures.

Neither camera maker is going to stop making DSLRs (MInolta has been quite clear on this point)

Both models are rated extremely well, and each's capabilities likely exceed the ability of virtually any photographers ability.

Two last thoughts.

I have read that the 7D is the best selling DSLR in Japan (was previously discussed on DPReview). The 7D is actually selling so well worldwide that Minolta can't make enough lenses to keep up with the demand for the body.

The 7D's "high" price isn't really so high when you compare it something like a NikonD70, and notice that not only does the 7D have the anti-shake, but also has mirror-lock and a whole host of other features. The 7D is appropriately priced to compete with the 20D, and each are phenomenal pieces of kit.

In any event, you are taking the correct approach. Test the cameras and decide what is best for you. Lens availability, system flexibility, and every other concept discussed in this thread are easily sufficient to support either choice.
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well i guess we could argue this all day.. (which we have).. :Gand thats always a good time..

but i think jcharding: put it well: "and each are phenomenal pieces of kit"

so basically after all this, it boils down to individual preference... go with the name you prefer and how the camera feels to you... i may prefer the canon, nhl may prefer the minolta, either way, both of us are well served.. (though i doubt the arguments will stop here :-))

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