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I just got my Nikon Coolpix 5200, and it's pretty nice, but a lot of pics I've taken have come out blurry or grainy. Granted this could be due to me not using the proper scene mode, but that lead me to think.

If I'm going to be selecting scene modes a lot (instead of using mainly auto), I'd rather have a camera which has more functions as well. I don't like the way the red-eye on the Nikon works because it has three flashes and that just takes too long to me and makes people think that the picture is already taken, when it actually isn't.

Another nice thing about the A95 is that it uses AAs instead of proprietary batteries, but it worries me that this will make the camera too heavy to carry comfortably in my pocket like the Nikon.

My parents have an S500 and it takes great pictures but seems very limiting. There are times when I'm in decent like and would rather not use a flash (for various reason such as it can be aggravating), but then the Nikon sets my shutter speed so slow that the picture is blurry. I'm assuming that with the manual shutter speeds of the A95, I could open the aperture all the way and set the shutter speed fast enough to avoid any hand shaking, and get a picture that doesn't have an annoying flash / wash out.

I'm considering selling my 5200 on eBay and getting an A95. My main concerns with the A95 are:

a) Is it too big/heavy to comfortably carry in my pocket?

b) What's the picture review speed like when cycling through pictures? Too noticeably slow?

c) Does it easily serve as a camera that would allow me to just pull it out at a random moment on auto and take a picture (Point and Shoot)? I hate the AiAF because it often focuses on something that isn't the subject, so I wouldn't use this.

If anybody has any experience with any of these cameras, I'd appreciate any input you could give me.I have about two days to decide if I want to return my Nikon's spare battery/memory card to newegg, so I'm sort of pressed for time with my decision. Thanks in advance.
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