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I have finally narrowed my decision to a Sony camera, but I can't decide between the p series or w series.And if I decide on the p series, do I go with the newer 200 or the 150? FYI, we are using the camera mostly for pictures of our son, 20 months. We want the ability to be able to turn the camera on and take pictures. My husband would opt for a film camera, simply because it's faster, but I am adamant that we go digital because I work with the pictures on my computer and email/post a lot.

If anyone has an opinion about these cameras that may help me make up my indecisive mind, I'd love to hear it!

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I have read that the P200 is really fast.. power it on, and you're ready to shoot within about 1,5 seconds. That sounds about right if you want to capture quick candids of your son there..

I'm getting my P200 in a couple of days so I'll let you know exactly how it performs once I get it.

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Yep the P200 is a better performer than the DSC7 and takes better pictures. But there are tradeoffs like the smaller 2 inch LCD and lack of AA batteries. But all in all the P200 is cheaper and has more value for money than the DSC7
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Well I thought it was going to be Sony all the way awhile ago and expected more from the newest W7 or P200, but neither really got me excited so I started looking.

The Canon SC500 was a logical choice to conceder, and then I just happened on the Fujifilm F10 and it got in the picture too. The Fujifilm F10 camera is what I got after a couple days of hands-on at the stores looking and pricing.

Sorry Sony, the F10 is the best high quality 'point and shoot' at this time. Its not perfect, no real manual control, but its image is better than anything else in its price range (and even above) in compact cameras. Its battery is the best, and unique low light ISO of 1600 is really usable, at ISO 400/800 its noise is better than the competition at half the rated ISO, start up time is very fast and shutter and focus very responsive. It fits better in my hand than the Sonys (the W7 is ok but a real brick) and still is fairly compact like the Canon. Well made, solid feel, and a big screen.

So I guess I'm happy with it. For a compact camera to grab and use its a very good option. Natural light without flash, fast to use, great picture and build quality. If you can live without the bells and whistles this may be your perfect snap-shot camera.
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