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I know the A520 is the upgrade to the A80 (or is it 85), but anyway. So far the only differences I'm seeing between the A95 and the A520 are:

a) two AA batteries instead of four (lighter - good thing)
b) no swivel LCD
c) no Custom mode (don't really see why I'd use Custom over Manual, or really what the difference between them is)
d) 4mp instead of 5mp (Probably won't be doing very large prints so I doubt this makes much difference)
e) cannot turn off AiAF in any mode except manual (I'm not positive about this but it's what I gather from Steve's review)
f) 4x zoom instead of 3x (I also like this)

Anybody have any suggestions? The reason I'm looking at the 520 now is because I plan to carry my camera with me very often and am worried that having 4 batteries in the camera may make it heavy, and since the A520 only uses two, that it may be a better choice. Anybody with an A95 that can tell me what it's like to carry around in your pants pocket all day?

I just got an RMA refund number from newegg to send back my Nikon Coolpix 5200 and it's pretty small / light, and it feels quite unnoticeable in my pocket (like my motorola cell phone). Is the A95 uncomfortable to carry in one's pocket?

One thing that really bothers me, though, is that I don't believe the AiAF can be turned off in Aperture AE or Shutter AE modes on the A520, and I really hate the AiAF. Is this correct?
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I personally think the A95 takes way better pictures than the 520. But as you said if portability is important to you go with the 520.
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