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You beat me to it Hun. I haven't been able to duplicate the vignetting problem either. Where do I send my camera to get it "fixed"? :roll:
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very funny guys... i wonder if those problems are covered by the standard warrenty or if you would need a MAC for problems such as that... :?
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Hey everybody. My main question is for TraceyM. Are you looking for a larger miniSLR or a compact camera?

Some of you are saying all she needs is a smaller camera, but if she wants to take a lot of indoor pictures, I'd try to get a camera with a flash that was a high as possible. This would prevent red eye, a large problem with indoor portraits as we all know. 4MP is probably enough, but 6MP is very nice. I have the Fuji E550, and they are very detailed. On one of my scenery pictures, there is a bee that would probably just have been a spec on my old 2MP 2650, but is very disinguishable with 6MP. The E550 does have a better lens than a lot of the other compact cameras out there, but it's not a mini SLR lens at the same time. So the main question is how large of a camera do you want, and how much zoom do you need. If it is primarily indoors, make sure it has a powerful high positioning flash.

Also, consider the speed of the camera. Some cameras take 5 seconds to boot, some less than 1. This is probably important if you have kids, as well as shutter response and shot to shot delay. The E550 is very quick everywhere except flash recharge, which can take 3-6 seconds. Everything else is very swift. I don't know about the S5100, but my friends S7000 isn't nearly as responisve as my camera in all areas, except the flash does charge faster. If you are willing to spend up to $800, you have a lot of choices. Tell us exactly what you want in your camera, and we'll help you out.
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You are on the right track, The cameras you mentioned are quality and anything less than 7 mega pixels (my opinion)is silly.7 efective pixels with a decent zoom lense(quality) is the way to go.Compare steves example images and study with critical eye and you will soon see what took me 3 years and 7 different cameras to realize.Had I known of this mans site 3 years ago I would have saved a lot of money, time and agrevation.My next and last camera will be the Nikon 8800. but the g6 and 8080 are also fine cameras.In order of importance to everyone 1: the lens 2:the pix count, and all other things can be considered more of a personal preference.


don't mean to step on anyones toes but these are my convictions.

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