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Hi I'm planning on picking up a Nikon D70 as prices are improving, as it is being phased out in favour of a newer model. ($880 with 18-70mm lens)

My question is would it be in my interest to not choose the standard 18-70mm DX lens and instead opt for two seperate ones? The 18-55mm Dx and the 55-200mm DX.

I am upgrading because I want to improve the quality of my close up shots of things like flowers and insects. While also wanting to be able to get better shots of landscapes and the funky lighting that often exists in the mountains. Almost all my picture taking, takesplace up high in the mountains were there is a lot of harsh and bright ligth.

Lastly how rugged are these lenses and the camera, I intend to protect them in a case inside my backpack, but while skiing and climbing I do bounce off the sides of the sourunding terrain hard enough that I get my share of bruises.

the kjs

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You might get more replies by posting this question in the nikon lens forum.

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i would pick it up with the kit lens as the 18-70 is not a bad lens at all... use that combination for a while and then see what your needs are for a 2nd lens.. then after taking inventory of what the 18-70 couldnt do it will help you decide on getting a dedicated macro lens, a telephoto, or superwide, etc.. then knowing which category you are after, come back here and someone can direct you to the best one for the money..

as for your concerns, the d70 is quite a rugged camera, but i would still try to avoid direct collision between it and hard surfaces such as rock.. but i think it would be fine protected inside a nice pack..

enjoy, dustin
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