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Well Im looking at 3 camera's

What is all of your 2 cents on these 3 cameras.
And how important is IS?
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if you are going to use the long zoom hand held IS is very important.If you are going to print many 8x10 or larger you need more mp.The fuji has a good price with the rebate.
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Where is a good place to buy a camera off the net?
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Taken from Steve's review this site on the Pana FZ5.

"But that's not the case with the FZ5; its optically-stabilized lens reduces the effect of camera-shake when using its telephoto capabilities, allowing you to capture blur-free images at slower than normal shutter speeds. In fact, I was able to consistently capture sharp hand-held images at shutter speeds as low as 1/60 of a second at full telephoto, and a high percentage of shots at even lower speeds. With the FZ5's Mega O.I.S (Optical Image Stabilizer) feature, you'll be more concerned with subject movement than camera shake at low shutter speeds. This remarkable lens is also fast, with a wide angle aperture of f/2.8 and a telephoto aperture of f/3.3, further enhancing your ability to capture sharp images in marginal lighting conditions. I noticed an average amount of barrel distortion at full wide angle and slight pincushioning at full telephoto. Chromatic aberrations (purple fringing on highlights) were well controlled, surprised to see that there was very little chromatic aberration (purple fringing on highlights) in high-contrast areas".
If you are interested in tele shots without the need of a tripod then IS is a tremendous benefit.
To me the bottom line to these cameras is the "Lens" for the quality of pics. My FZ3 has provided outstanding results even in auto mode. Not because of me but because of the lens.
My final suggestion is to compare cameras at each price point. If looking entry, compare entry, if looking midpoint compare midpoint, etc.
Canon has their new long zoom available sometime next month but reviews will trail by 4-6 weeks and not much user opinions until much later.
Why eliminate one of the ideal features of a long zoom because of a few dollars today.
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I would say go for the 5100 and forget about the IS.

The Fuji S7000 is a 6 meg camera if you can afford the step-up!

IS isn't going to make you a better photographer.

Best place to buy a camera on the web is definitely B & H Photo Video.

Very dependable company with no-nonsense returns!

-- Terry

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