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Can I get some help! Not sure which one is the better buy? any sugestion or bad about either?
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Mighty D:

Unfortunately, you can't see the description line under your subject unless you view the threads list within the forum it's in. After you click on the topic, it's no longer visible.

So, members clicking on this thread (when not viewing the threads list in this forum) may not realizethat you mentioned specific camera models.

So, I'll copy both the Subject and Description line here:
Which one is better
Kodak Z740 or DX7590 maybe the Z7590?
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Actually, he said enough. The product name, "Kodak" is more than enough evidence for me to NOT recommend either of them. As I've said in the past, their quaility control leaves a lot to be desired, not to mention sub par customer service. I just can't recommend them anymore, which is sad.
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Kodak is now the leading compact digital cameramanufacturer in the USA. They also were the best in customer satisfaction for 2 different price segments in a recent JD Powers survey. I just don't think you obtain these accomplishments as a company by turning out junk.

I am starting to sound like a broken record, or a Kodak employee!

However, I just won't let people be swayed against a company whose products have never failed me.

I have found their customer service top notch, although I have only needed product info from them. Try getting customer service from the major Japanese manufacturers!

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