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Ok I have been through more review websites than I care to imagine and everytime I think I have the one I want someone throws something bad in and I start looking round again.

Its me Mum's 50th and she has decided to finally take the leap into digital.

She does not need anymore than 5MP, she needs a camera that can take photos indoors and well although it will be used outside just as much but one of my faves E550 is rubbish in low light! AA batteries would be easier as I think they make life easier. Memory card does not matter I have a Fuji S7000 with XD and have no issues. Zoom wise well I have 18x but I reckon my Mum'd be fine with x4. Budget well I'm in the Uk so some cameras are much cheaper in the US, but budget is £250ish.

Heard a lot of things about the Lumix FZ5 but I feel that it's a bit too bulky.

I have had all these cameras in my list and for various reasons struck them off, so please help me before I lose the plot.

Canon Powershot A95, Fuji E550, Fuji F601 (snazzy looking thing), Olympus C7000 and C5500. Also had a look at the Eplhs as well.

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If she would settle for just 4mp,
the A85 is on sale for $199 at Walmart.
A fantastic camera for quick point-n-shoot,
but gives you control if you want it.

Got one for me and one for my kid.
Great camera. The only thing I don't
like is the macro won't get in as
close as my old FinePix 2400 (2mp).

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When I was looking for a digital camera for our family, I narrowed it down to the Fuji e550 and the Canon A95. They are both great cameras I am sure, but I went for the Fuji for many reasons. For one, it is MUCH easier to use, and the interface has a much more friendly lay out for changing settings. I also liked the pictures the Fuji took better, even though they were more compressed. The Fuji also has a better, higher zoom, and wider lens. It's video abilities are supurb, and it's not as bad as you think in low light. It may give an AF error, but it most offen focuses anyways well. The attatched picture was taken with the flash in a pitch black room. Seriously. In auto mode too, while I was holding it. It looks great imo for how it was taken. The flash is automatically compensated very well, and is suitable for less than about 12 feet away. You won't get much better in this class anyways. This camera is much faster than most of those others in all respects but flash recharge. I love mine. I highly reccomend it for begginers up to professionals who need a compact camera.

Edit: Also, I bought my at buydig.com and was very hapy with their service. I got the camera for $248, and a 512MB XD for $70. Great deals and service. Best I found at least.

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I have been researching cameras for the last 3 months trying to make a decision myself & while browsing here I decided to become a member in order to be able to answer your post. I'm a novice, less than that actually- so my opinion may mean very little but for what it's worth, here it is.

If it's not too late, I think you should order PC How-To Guide issue nbr #24. Its a buyers guide for Digital Photography. Has a lot of brands, specifics, photos up to the latest models (spring 05), listing 200 cameras.

Second thing, since your mom has never owned or operated a digital camera that gives me the impression that she is not the camera enthuasist that you are. Based on that assumption I don't think it (after reviewing all the cameras you listed) would be a good idea to purchase any of them.

You were listing some cameras that were 3-4 years old. Too big for a first time user. Too many features, too complicated. It seems to me that if you were considering buying a camera with all that potential you would be better off to just buy one of the newer & smaller cameras such as a Sony DSC P150 or T7. Easier to operate AND higher resolution.

But I think if I were you I wouldn't go over a 3mp camera based on what a lot of the pro's say. 4 at the most. Buy her a 3mp, let her use that for a couple of years, sell it and buy a higher mp camera. Give her time to practice a bit for one thing. Another is that cameras are improving & prices are dropping at a pretty good clip. Give you time to shop & compare, get her something really nice.

That being said I think a Kodak CX6330 would be the perfect purchase for now.

To answer your indoor photography question, a reviewI read somewhere said the Canon S70 was great for indoors because of the wide angle optical zoom.

I hope I haven't embarrassed myself too much here. Eddie

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