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Aarrgh, i think iv gone through 1000 reviews and user opinions on various ultracompact cameras in the last 2 months.
I have finally narrowed it down to the following :
Panasonic DMC-FX7
Cannon SD200/SD300/SD500
Fuji F10

Here is what i need the camera for:
Firstly it has to fit in my pocket as i want to be able to take it anywhere.
I will mostly be using this to take photos of friends and family. This will likely mean lots of indoor shots, and night shots partying in clubs :-)
So image quality (sharpness and grainyness) and size are my big 2 issues.
So is blurrines, i will not be buying a tripod as thats the whole point of an ultracompact in your pocket.
I will only be printing normal size prints - NOTHING larger
However I will mostly viewing photos on my pc and emailing them to people.
Here is my take on the above cameras....
The canons look really cool and are v good size. However my main concerns are of user issues with lcds cracking, the E18 error and to a lesser extent the softness and grainy images...I dont want to have to think about the lcd/e18 thing on the back of my mind everytime i use my digi.
The Panasonic im quite keen on, the poor battery doesnt bug me really as im never gona take more then around 20-30 photos whenever i need to use the thing...And on holiday id take 2 batterries along with the charger anyway. However ppl say the lcd doesnt gain up and is hard to see at night, but then others say there is an option to increase that...
The Fuji seems to be really good at night but looks and size arent that appealing and some of the pics iv seen are quite grainy....
Havent considered Sonys as the pics seem too yellow to me (the p150/200) and i dont like the looks, plus iv heard image quality aint that great....same with the Casios and Pentax, im told image quality is ok.
Im a novice point and shoot person, so apart from having scene modes i dont care about manual control that much.
Megapixels dont bother me as im told they really dont hav much to do with image quality, and more megapixels in a camera with nothing else changed im told just creates more noise....

Help people!!! :?:
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I hate doing this to you, but you might want to just take a peek at this one...


the Hun
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Definately an interesting looking camera....however having a built in zoom kinda makes me a bit dubious....i wouldnt think image quality would be quite as good as a normal lens.....Plus without actually looking at sample pics, its hard to say anything about it....Besides its not out yet!

And if i was to look at cameras that havent quite been released yet then i would have mentioned the new Panasonic Slim 7 that has just been released on the Japanese website which is about 20% smaller then the existing FX7 and still has Image Stabilisation...dunno if it has fixed the issues with the battery/flash/lcd graininess though....

And on that fact there also is the rumoured FX8 that is expected to be releases later this year as well, which could be the one to fix these issues....

but if i waited for that , id b waiting for ever!!!!
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I thought i better correct myself here as i found out the Slim 7 is still the normal FX7 and the 20% reduction is actually being compared to the FX5....HOWEVER i managed to get info on the new FX8!!!

Here is an extract from a Panasonic official that i questioned over the FX8....
The big thing in here being the FX8 should be getting released in the next few months (in New zealand that is ) AND DOUBLE THE BATTERY POWER IN THE FX8!!

".... however I do know about the FX8. This model will be introduced to the NZ market in the next two to three months and has a number of improvements over the FX7.

There are some new features but in relation to the ones you hv enquired about, the biggest change is the battery life which has now been doubled over that of the FX7. This has been achieved by a new and improved processing engine in conjunction with a new li-ion battery.

On the matter of the LCD, the FX8 will maintain the same one as the FX7. The FX7 was the number one selling compact camera in the Japanese market from the time it was introduced last August through until February this year and the same was true in Singapore. It has also been a hugely successful model in NZ as well and my recommendation would be to visit the market and evaluate one for yourself... the LCD performs extremely well......"

Also i asked about the colour options to which they replied

"At this stage only silver will be available for the FX8 at introduction. There are alternative colours being tagged for other countries but due to NZ safety standard requirements re battery chargers etc. we are not able to introduce these. I do want to stock a couple of colour options so am working closely with Japan on this but it will not be finally determined for a month or so. "
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