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Just because someone owns a Fuji camera and says he likes it, doesn't make him a bad person. Assuming we both agree on that statement, let me continue...you know who made the post you were referring to, why don't you use my screen name rather than refer to me as a fanatic?

Your first post in this thread is what initiated my response:

"The Fuji E550 is slow, useless in low light, noisy, and uses pricy xD cards."

You said the E550 is slow, and I challenged that statement with 'pastes' from 8 independent reviewers who all referred to the E550 as something other than slow. As a matter of fact, they all considered the camera fast. I was not trying to convince anyone to purchase the E550 or any Fuji camera - I could care less what people purchase. The reason for my post was simply to challenge your incredulous statement about the E550 being slow. And you retracted that statement;

"When I said slow, I meant slow in low light and indoors. I stand by my assessment.."

What do you mean by slow, chrisdsa? Slow to start up? Slow to shut down? Slow lag times? Slow cycle times? And how did you make that assessment? Do you own A Fuji E550? Have you ever used a Fuji E550? Did you read this in a review? If so, please provide a link, so we can all be informed.

You second post spurred this reply.

"There also seems to be a lot of fanatics in the Fuji and Olympus crowd. I did read the review on dcresource.com and I guess the previous poster selectively pasted whatever was interesting to him."

You are correct in that I only pasted comments that were directly related to the speed of the E550.

You next comment was totally inaccurate:

"Here are the parts he did not want to paste:"

You found some negative comments in one of the reviews that I had borrowed from in my earlier post - congratulations. I'm sure I could find negative comments somewhere about every camera on the market. It was not my intent to mask or deceive by not including negative comments. My intent, as I stated earlier in this post was to discredit your erroneous comments pertaining to the speed of the E550.

You seem to have a grudge against Fuji, because you hop around various threads and bash their products. Maybe you once owned a Fuji camera and were dissatisfied with it. Maybe you were once employed by Fuji and lost your job. I don't know what your problem is, nor do I care. Brand loyalty is fine - it's expected. But brand bashing, especially when it is not based in fact or truth is totally unacceptable. People come to this forum seeking the truth - unbiased evaluations of cameras and accessories to help guide them to an intelligent decision, so that they can feel comfortable making a purchase. If someone asks a question about a particular camera, and you tell them it's a bad camera...it's slow...it's useless...it's noisy...it uses 'pricey' memory cards - if that is true, that's one thing. If that's true, back it up with data, first hand experiences, objective evidence. If it's not true, then don't say it. Don't invent a fairy tale to get back at Fuji. Shut up!


I'm sure your mom would be very happy with either of the two models you have selected.

the Hun

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