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I currently own a Canon PowerShot A40. Its been very good for me, but now I'm looking to upgrade to something better. I was considering the PowerShot A95, but I've read mixed reviews about it and I'm not so certain about it anymore.

The camera is mainlyused for taking pictures of cars, outdoors. I rarely take indoor pics. I was thinking about sticking with Canon, and upgrading to a 5MP, however I'm open to any and all suggestions. Although most of my shooting is done in auto mode, I do like to play around with the manual controls to try new things.

I own a digital video camera, so movie mode is not important to me. Size is alsoof littleimportance. I am looking to keep the price under $300.

I greatly appreciate any input you can provide! Thanks!!

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About a month or 2 ago, I was looking for a new camera too, and the main contenders ended up being a Canon A95 or a Fuji E550. I chose the Fuji E550, and love it. It is good indoors, but great outside. It has a good movie mode, even though you don't need it. I bought it from Buydig.com and was very happy with them. It costs about $260 there now, and $70 for a 512MB XD chip. Probably about $40 for a 256MB.
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What is the "something better" you're looking for? If it's just more MP, why? If you're not printing more than 8x10, you don't need more than 3 MP. Is it zoom? Flash? Speed? Sharpness? Do you want a better viewfinder? Because getting a bigger or more expensive camera will not necessarily help you take better pictures... especially if you're using auto mode the whole time. A camera of comparable size, but with more MP might result in worse pictures: First, the photosites are crammed on the CCD more closely, often resulting in more noice at low ISOs. Second, you end up with big pictures, that take up lots of room to store, take a long time to download and process, and that's all a waste if you're not printing or displaying large sized pics.

I upgraded from a Powershot S30 (3.1 MP point and shoot) to a Digital Rebel because I wanted MORE flexibility and advanced features, as well as lower noise quality, higher MPs, and faster shutter lag. But upgrading just for the sake of upgrading doesn't necessarily work in the world of digicams -- you might be disappointed.

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I'm looking for something that will give me sharper images. I rarely print the pictures that I take, so all I care about it how it looks on a computer screen. I don't care how long it takes to store, transfer, etc, etc...

Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I'm not really satisfied with the sharpness of the pics that my A40 takes.

I could care less about the quality of the viewfinder. As long as I can get an idea of what I'm taking a picture of I'm sure I'll be happy. Flash and speed are really of no concern either. As I stated before the majority of the pictures I take are of cars. I should specify that we're not talking about cars racing around, simply standing still, so I don't see any need for a camera that has a quicker shutter lag. Most of the timeI shoot in sunny weather, so I honestly don't think flash matters that much.

I appoligize if I made it seem like I'm wanting to upgrade just for the sake of upgrading. As I stated in the title, I'm a newbie, so please take it easy on me.

Thanks for the info Carskick. I'll check out some reviews and sample images for the E550.

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ALTR EVO wrote:
I'm looking for something that will give me sharper images. ...
How much have you dinged about with the settings on your camera? In particular, with the sharpness and contrast settings. How much have you done with a photo editor? If you haven't done much with either, I'd suggest spending some time experimenting with your current camera before buying another one.
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