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I live in S. Florida on the west coast and it is damp and humidand sandy. I need to take pictures for cBay, plus I would like to get shots of wild life in the lake where I live. Do I need a ultra zoom with stabilizer? would this also suffice for macro closeups. Can anyone suggest anything? I am open to anything. I don't want to break the bank on this but want to do right, Is this too ambitious for a beginner. would I be better off with a Canon point and shoot? and which one? Or the Fuji 550. Thanks for help. I am brand new to this forum.
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There is no ultrazoom with true weatherproofing. However, you should be fine if you keep your camera in something protective when not actually using it.

One does not necessarily need an image stabiliser (IS) w/long zoom. As long as your shutter speeds are high enough, IS won't make a difference. For most situations, IS won't come into play. However, it does help when taking handheld shots at lower shutter speeds.

As for suggestions -- use the buyers guide elsewhere on this site. Input zoom you want and megapixels you need, and you will get a list of cameras. Remove the ones w/o IS, and then read the reviews for what is left. This will also give you prices.

You wouldn't necessarily be better off with a p&s. All digicams have an auto mode, where the camera figures out everything for you. How much zoom you happen to have does not make a difference on how easy or difficult a camera will be to learn.

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Is is a very good feature when useing long zoom.I would not buy anything over 4x without it
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The Canon S1 IS has a weatherproof housing as an optional access. Good luck.
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