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To the Hun,

I set a $300 limit on a point and shoot camera. If I went with an ultra zoom I would, of course, be willing to pay more. Please, Please let me know what other cameras you had in mind...Keeping in mind that I am left-eyed and wear glasses. Would I look for a camera with the the zoom controls on the front . I am going to look at the Fuji S5200 this weekend and would appreciate any more suggestions to look at. Thanks very much.

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Just saw your post...don't have much time to answer now - past my bedtime.

Regarding your vision, and the S5100, there is a thread floating around somewhere in this forum about that. It included a statement by one individual who found it impossible to use the S5100 since he is left-eyed and wears glasses. I am also left-eyed and wear glasses, and have no difficulty whatsoever in using my camera. I take my glasses off and use the diopter control to adjust the viewfinder to my vision - only have to do that once. As an option, I can keep my glasses on and use the LCD to compose my shot. I can use the viewfinder with my glasses on, but I prefer to take them off. Some people feel that the best place for the zoom control is by the shutter release, however I prefer to keep my trigger finger on the shutter release and zoom with my thumb.

Try one on for size in a store this weekend...I think you'll like it.

Good luck.

the Hun
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