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The best camera I ever owned was my Nikon FE2. I sold itwhen the first megapixel digicamswere hitting the marketbecause I wanted to cash out whilefilm was still popular. I've missed it ever since.

I've been using an old 400x600 point and shoot (which cost $300 when Igot it) and recently wanted to move up to something with more features. Ibought a Konica Minolta Z1because it had a x10 zoom at a reasonable price point. What a disapointment! I can't believe someone actually designed the UI on that camera. It's nearly unusable as anything but a point and shoot.

So the Z1 is going on eBay and I'm shopping for something that feels like my FE2 did. I shoot alot of wildlife, so Igot toget something fast. I always used manual exposure andfocus on my Nikon so I don't need anything feature-rich.

Image qualitity is actually secondary to usability. I've missed so many shots while fighting the controls of the Z1, I figure it's better to take a shot that might need some color-correctionlater than to miss it altogether because of an idiotic UI. I want something I can manually focus and adjust exposure with quicklythrough the viewfinder.

Any suggestions? Do I need DSLR?


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for fast manual focusing and adjustment of exposure, you are going to definately want a DSLR..

if you want to stick with nikon, i would suggest the d70 or d70s

but also look into canon's 20d, or the 7d from minolta..

none of them are going to feel exactly like your fe2 (i have an fe, so i know), but i think you will get used to them and learn to love more then even your venerable nikon.. i know i wouldnt give up my 20d for any film slr..
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Certainly I would agree with the above -- the dslr's are the most capable of digital cameras. I only make this post to present one other suggestion, just in case you don't want to or can't spend the money it takes to get into this segment.

You might look at the Panasonic FZ20. It is a large, almost slr-sized camera that has a great 12x zoom lens that incorporates image stabilization. This lens is f/2.8 across the entire zoom range. This is also one of the few fixed-lens cameras that incorporates manual focus by turning the lens barrel (as god intended). Of course it has a full range of manual exposure modes too. You can get one of these for under $500, which as I understand it is much less than what it would take to get a dslr w/an f/2.8/12x stabilized lens. Might be worth your while to check it out, if you have time...

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