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Please Help!! So confused with all the camera choices...

I would like to be under 200 dollars


Small so that it can fit into her purse and be stylish.


How many megapixels will suffice for you?
Doesnt Matter like 3.2 is fine
* What optical zoom will you need?
Standard = 3x-4x

* How important is "image quality" to you?

Do you care for manual controls?
Sort of

General Usage

* What will you generally use the camera for?
For taking pictures of me and her and other cool pictures of scenes etc.
* Will you be making big prints of your photos or not?
Most likely not
Will you be shooting a lot of indoor photos or low light photos?
Yes, probably
Will you be shooting sports and/or action photos?
Not a lot

Are there particular brands you like or hate?
Nope, just want a good quality camera for the price.
Are there particular models you already have in mind?
Canon A510, A400, Fuji E500, SD100,Olympus D-580
(If applicable) Do you need any of the following special features? (Wide Angle, Image Stabilization, Weatherproof, Hotshoe, Rotating LCD)
Not neccesarily

Hi I would like to buy a digital camera for my girlfriend and need your help. I would like a nice quality camera that will be small and stylish for her. It doesnt need to be to complicated and just needs to be able to take pictures and do it good. I have a few models in mind and was really looking into the A400 with the blue but after I found out it took bad indoor photos I had to say no. Thank you for the help and please help me choose what to buy.
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I just bought my X-wife a camera for mothers day. I know she is not my mother, but the mother of my four children. She wanted a camera, but would only look at the really cheapos at Wal-Mart. O told her they do not give you a good picture, she would say so what.
I happened to be in Office Max, with a 20% off clearance good stuff in my hand. I looked down and saw by the front door a Canon a400 Camera + IP3000 Printer bundle for $129. So I walked out the door with a Camera and printer for under $110! I think it will serve her well and I do not have to worry about her always asking me to print out photos for her! Win Win... Oh by the way there is a $70 rebate on it as well so it will be about $40!
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