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I've been using a Powershot s400 for close to two years now and had an s300 before that. For the most part I've really liked these cameras, but lately I've become more enthusiastic about photography and am starting to feel very limited.

The main thing I'm missing from an aesthetics standpoint is the ability to experiment with depth-of-field effects. Without an aperture priority setting, I feel like I'm losing potentially great shots.

As far as performance concerned, I find my camera to sometimes be unresponsive to the point that it's awkward to take pictures of people ("hang on, keep smiling") and I'm also almost never pleased with it's performance indoors (it usually breaks my heart to see how terrible a nicely envisioned picture looks when the flash kicks in).

So, I'm ready to move up.

I've considered making the big leap straight to dSLR and getting a Rebel XT. I've researched it quite a bit and was almost ready to buy, but am now thinking that I'm not quite ready for the "fuss" of dSLR and would miss things like movie-mode and framing shots with the LCD.

This made me start to look at "middle-step" cameras like the Powershot Pro 1 and Powershot G6. My thinking was that I could use one of these cameras to grow a bit while still maintaining some of the familiar features and convenience I'm used to. I also noticed the Powershot S70, which seemed to match the G6 feature-wise, but in a much sleeker body.

I guess my real question is this: Is it worth it to take that middle step?

Also, how do the Pro 1 and G6 really compare. Where does the s70 fall in?

Thanks in advance for the help. I know this is a long post, but I really wanted to be clear on what I want.

(In case you haven't noticed, I'm pretty dedicated to Canon. Not only because I've liked my cameras so much, but because in handling other people's cameras and cameras in stores I wasn't nearly as impressed. That said, I'm an absolute amateur and will gladly take any suggestions for cameras from other manufacturers.)
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I cant really comment on your comparisons within the Canon range, but...

until recently I had an old Canon T70 film SLR (rarely used recently) and a Canon Powershot A10 digi with 3x zoom.

I like Canon and would have probably prefrred to stay with Canon.

However whilst researching for a new camera with all the latest gizmos Ihad to decide if I wanted the features of an SLR, or the convience of a point and shoot. I decide not to go down the SLR route due to having to buy all the lenses, the lugging about of them all, the expense and in one sense the lack of versitility (as regards to extra featurs, not phtographic quality).

the compromise I found was the "Prosumer range" in other words the middle ground.

These camera now come with good megapixal ratings, good quality, video, sound etc etc.

Personally I went for the pansonic FZ20. the quality of the Leica lens is second to none. it has just about ALL the features of an SLR, with a 12x zoom, manual focus etc etc etc. but I also get the portability.

With this camera you can also get excelent macro and teleconverter lenses (canon, Oly, Nikon, raynox (dont go for the Pana own range they're bloody expensive!).

I have only had the camera a few days now but have already taken some really good shots (for me!) and it is quiet easy to understand.

Why not at least take a look at the Panasonic forum on here? Also the Konica Minolta Dimage range is quite good. the Canon Offereing is currently the S1 IS - soon to be the S2 IS. The general feeling is that the S1 is a good camera, (a bit flimsy?)but it's just lacking somehow. Weather or not the S2 will come out better is out for the count until June.

Personally I am so pleased I plumped for the Pana and the flexibility it gives. An SLR with out the hassle!

Hope this helps

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Thanks for the reply, Woody.

I think I'm convinced now that a dSLR is a little too much camera for me at this point. I hadn't considered the "almost dSLR" class--thanks for pointing them out. I suppose I missed them because they all seem to be around five megapixels and I was looking at cameras with higher counts.

I'll definitely look around some more and will check out the FZ20, though in the end I might just wait until I can hold an S2 IS.

Thanks again.
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