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Planning to buy a camera for my wife and I am down to two cameras, the Canon SD200 or Fuji F-10. Main criteria is that it is a good indoor as well as an outdoor camera which both of these fit. Just as important is that it is fairly compact that it can be fitted into a small purse along with all the other stuff that women carry. Which of these two cameras is intuitively easier to handle?:?

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The Fuji F10 uses a really dumb adaptor to connect to USB or to charge the batteries. You are in trouble if that adaptor gets lost.

The Hog
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Wouldn't you be in trouble if you lost any of your transformers?

On the question of which to buy, take the wife down to the store and let her choose on how easy it is for her to use. Most new p&s cameras are very intuitive and you'll have little need for the menus for point and shoot (imo)
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i would suggest the f10.. it is very high quality camera with better image quality than that canon.. the particular sensor this camera uses is very unique in the p&s market as it is capable of taking pictures at higher ISO's, up to a usable 1600, without the noise typical of p&s cameras.. if you don't understand what this means, it will allow you to take better pictures in low light, and will extend the range of the flash.. all in all this is somewhat of a revolutionary compact camera that should serve you well for many years.. that all said, they are both quality cameras and whichever way you decide to go, i think you will be happy..

enjoy, dustin

btw- i think they will both be very intuitive to handle, so i wouldnt worry about that..

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You may also take a look at the Casio Exilim EX-Z750. Here's Steve's review.
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I love canon SD series. But this time I would definitely choose the F10. I think I will not be able to stop myself buying that cam although I don't need it
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Big difference in price especially since you are comparing a 3 mp to 6 mp. I say go with the sd200. Fast, easy to use and 3 mp is probably good up to 5x7 or 8x10 if you're lucky. The f10 is also fast but some reports say that using auto iso does not produce the best pictures and you have to set iso for best results. More of a hassle and read the menus weren't that easy to navigate.
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Yes, it will take awhile-

But sooner or later folks will catch on to the fact that he Fuji F-10 is a very capable and great digital camera.

This digital camera is capable of using very high ISO numbers with much less noise than ever before.

Stay on th look-out for some Fuji F-10 photos.

Sarah Joyce
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