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I recently posted a message seeking info about the Fuji S5500 and Macro Photography. Unfortunately, todate I have received no answer to my query. Am I therefore looking at the wrong digicam? and that the S5500 is not what it is said to be.

I would welcome an answer please.Should I be looking at another camera?


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Didn't notice your first post - just read it now. I would guess that the reason you didn't get any responses to your first post was because most people don't select a megazoom camera for macro photography. Also, it might have helped if you had posted in the Fuji forum.

I have a Fuji S5100 (same camera), and I haven't really done much macro work, other than snap a few shots to see how it works. My main passion is outdoors photography...sports, wildlife, scenery, etc. To answer your questions, macro will work in auto mode. If I were to buy a camera strictly for macro work, I don't think I would have selected the S5100. According to some reviews I've read, the pictures tend to be noisy in macro and low light settings. I haven't used it enough in macro mode to judge, although, I believe it will work fine as long as the lighting is sufficient. I guess it depends on what type of macro you plan on doing...taking pics of insects outside on a sunny day, or extreme closeups (with natural room lighting)of fine jewlery to sell on ebay.

The S5100 is a great camera for the money - probably more value than any I've seen, but it might not be for you.

I've included one of my early test shots using macro.

Good luck.

the Hun

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and many thanks for coming back to me. You answered my query to my satisfaction. The example photograph you sent was upto the standard I require. I already use a Digital video camera for some of my hobby, but a still camera would also be very useful at times. The camera would normally be used for general photography much the same as yourself. However, there are ocassions when a still photograph would be acceptable.

What started as an interest a couple of years ago has grown into a summer outdoor hobby. Quite by accident I found a Bumble Bee nest in my garden and have taken to studying them ever since. I have marked some of them and see them regularly in my garden.

Once again many thanks for your help and advice.

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