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Hi. I am searching for a camera that will tend to produce a high percentage of crisp clear shots. My main purpose for the camera is to photographmychildren, who (as all parents know) never stop moving. Shots will be takenindoors and outdoors.

Over the past 6 months, I have borrowed several camera's from friends and family. I have tried the Canon S50,G5,S400, and a Sony DSC-P9. I thought that all cameras were quite good,producingstunningly good pictures at times. I wasdisappointed at the percentage of "action" shots that were out of focus or blurry, however. Itoften seemed like I had to take 3-4 shots in order to get 1 good shot. To be fair, thisonlyhappened when trying to shoot children at play.Forcingthe flash, or going inaction mode did not seem to change the outcome significantly.

To be fair, I should state that I am by no means a skilled photographer. I understand some basics, but am happy to operate in the "auto" mode or slightly modified "P" mode for now. I do understand that the basic problem may be in my photography skills. If so, I am open to suggestions.

My primarygoal at this point isto get a camera that would give me the highest percentage of"right-first-time shots". I am prepared to buy a DSLR (possibly rebel XT 350) if need be;not because I would immediately use all the functions, but becauseI believe thatthemoments I want to capture are well worth the upcharge needed for the "right"camera.

I would truly appreciate any and all suggestions/comments. Thanks.

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I find that taking pictures of children you have to take more pictures to get the few good shots you want. The nice thing about digital photography is you can take more and not think about wasting shots like film cameras. Are you setting the AF before taking the picture? This helps shorten the lag time. When our 3rd child was born I got to close to her to take pictures. Forgot to set the macro. All thos picture are blurry. So I try to remeber how closeI can get with the camera I'm using. The 2 cameras I have are the Fuji 2800z and E550. Love them both. The 2800z has given me some very good pictures. The E550 HAS GIVEN ME SOME GREAT PICTURES!

Hope this helps,

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Thanksfor the feedback. While Ido usuallyset the autofocus, the children typicallymove quickly out of the prefocused range before creating that great moment I would like to capture. I admit that I don't usually use the macro for close shots. I will try it. I will also look into the E550. Thanks very much!

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frank2 wrote:
... It often seemed like I had to take 3-4 shots in order to get 1 good shot. To be fair, this only happened when trying to shoot children at play. ...
That really isn't bad odds. Get a whole bunch of memory, shoot a whole bunch of pictures, and get rid of the ones that didn't work out. As you do that, you will get better at it and the odds of getting a good shot will improve.
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