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I've spent the past month or so doing my homework on dSLRs, and deciding which one I can get the most out of for what I do, and have narrowed it down to these two cameras.

As I've mentioned in a previous thread, I mainly shoot landscape, outdoor portrait, and low light. For example, mountaneous terrain panorama's, senior pictures against changing tree colors, and local bands playing at local places.

I currently have a Fuji S20Pro, which I am more than pleased with for the landscape, and I've found that I get the most out of it when I shoot in RAW, so I know how to manipulate the S and R pixels of the S3 too. I also write camera control programs for this.

I've eliminated the Sigma SD10 because of it's high noise, The Nikon D70/s because their SDK is nearly impossible to get ahold of and their RAW is encrypted (and it feels awkward), the Maxxum 7D because I fear the lens's becoming obsolte (same reason with the EVOLT-300), and all the high end Canon cameras because I'd rather spend my money on the lenses.

With that said, the 20D and the S3Pro feel right in my hands. I like the 20D's features, but the S3's control over their RAW files. And since I'm just making the jump, one uses Canon lenses and the other uses Nikon.

I'm leaning towards the Canon mainly because of the price. I don't know if I can justify giving up 5fps, 9 focus points, and all the other goodies that make the 20D great for the extra color control of the S3. And then the matter of Canon lenses vs Nikon lenses.

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I have the 20D and would not trade for it. One of the 20D strong points is the low noise at the higher ISOs. It is one great camera.
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i have a 20d as well.. gibson mentioned the low noise, which is real nice in low light.. it is also fast, startup and wake from standby are nearly instantaneous.. overall i think it is a better value for most photographers than the s3pro.. the only group that i would think would get the value out of the s3 is the wedding photographer who could make use of its film simulation and wide dynamic range features.. otherwise, i would save the money for a nice lens or two and get the faster and lower noise 20d..
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I have yet to encounter a person who has regretted getting a 20D, which that in itself speaks volumes for it. I am, however, encountering people who have traded their S3's in for a D2X or a Canon system.

I'm trying, to no avail, to find a problem with the 20D, and it's just not happening. So now my questions are:
1. Does anyone have second thoughts about their 20D?
2. Has anyone encountered serious technical issues with it?

Also, one thing I forgot to note, I will be taking group pictures of Fraternitys and Sororitys outside their respective houses, 11x17s @ 200DPI. What lenses would be the best for this situation for both Nikkor and Canon EOS? (the price and performance of the lenses are really my main hangup right now)
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I've just purchased my Canon 20D, and though I agree with most of the information in the positive reviews I've read, I have a concern. Most of the early test photos I have taken this first week are flash photos indoors, because I am preparing for a major family event where I want to take a lot of pictures. I find that flash exposures look "OK" on the 1.8" screen on the camera back, but when uploaded to a computer or printed, the images are unacceptably dark.

I have tried the flash exposure compensation setting, and find that I need to increase the exposure a full stop to get comparable exposure to my other cameras (such as my older Sony F-707).

Pondering whether it was perhaps the onboard flash, I purchased a Canon 580 EX, which has produced identical results.

Am I the only one seeing this issue? Have I perhaps made some foolish mistake? It doesn't seem that I should need to use a full stop of exposure correction to get normal exposure.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.

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