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Alright, so after researching cameras for weeks, and making several visits to camera stores, I've narrowed down my list to the following three cameras:

- Fujifilm Finepix F10
- Canon Powershot SD500
- Canon Powershot A95

I really just need some advice choosing which camera to buy.

I'm attracted to the F10 because of it's reportedly great photo quality, and higher ISO settings (with surprisingly low noise levels).

The SD500 seems pretty cool because of it's compact size, great photo quality, and the My Colours thing seems pretty cool.

The A95 is at the top of my list, which I'm sure some of you find surprising. What I like about it is the swivel lcd, several manual options, and apparently fairly good photo quality. I also like the price...it's cheaper, so I'll be able to afford some accesories.

What I'm really asking is, do those of you who have tried the A95, or own it, think I'm making a mistake going for the it? Is it worth it to forfeit some of the image quality for other features? This will be my first digital camera (but I'm very experienced with photography in general).

I appreciate your responses, and thank you in advance!

P.S. I'll be using this camera in several situations...from shots of friends and partying, to landscapes and nature.
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I just bought the F-10, and have found it to be a very nice, fast little camera. Believe what you read, the start up time is very fast, shot to shot is also. The menu's are a little hard to navigate, but a quick reference to the manual has answered any questions I've had. I have yet to mess with ISO. I would buy this camera again, if I was in the market.

On the downside- it has a proprietary battery, something I would avoid most cameras for. It also has no optical viewfinder, a bit disappointing- though I can't remember the last time I used one repeatedly. It's a bit on the high end for price for point and shoot.

All 3 of the cameras you list are good cameras. In my mind they are not all in the same category, so comparing them may be a bit difficult. What matters to you most? Speed, quality of pictures? (all 3 will be great at 4x6 ) Features? Perhaps someone who owns one of the canons will be able to give you an opinion on those.
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