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I'm used to my manual SLR camera where i use iso 100 a great deal of the time. I'm looking into going digital now and have been trying to decide between the Nikon D70(s) or the Canon Digital Rebel XT. One thing i've noticed is that the XT has the option to shoot at iso 100 where the D70(s) only allows you to go to iso 200. Does anyone find this limiting or has Nikon managed to get its 200 to shoot at the same quality as 100?

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overall the digic II on the canon handles noise slightly better than the nikon.. but this is negligeable point and you should make your decision based on what system you prefer and what camera feels right in your hands.. they are both capable of near noise free images at their lowest ISO's.. so get down to your local pro store and give both a trial run, that should help you make up your mind..

enjoy, dustin
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There are many pictoral reviews of the D70s and Canon DR XT, and I think that you'll find that Canon's ISO 100 is the same as Nikon's ISO 200. Both cameras are very capable of taking great pictures. The galleries will attest to that. The 8MP versus 6MP argument is everywhere, but unless you do a lot of cropping because your pics are not framed correctly, you'll never notice the difference from what most users say.

For me the preference broke down to feel and ergonomics. The Canon Digital Rebel XT, to me, felt very uncomfortable, as it is very small and my half of my hand was hanging off the bottom. I don't the money to blow on a battery grip at this time to make the camera bigger. If you squeeze it too hard, especially around the doors, it creaks. The menus were a bit small for me as well, a bit hard to read and navigate. It truly feels as if the Digital Rebel was built for smaller people. On the contrary, the Nikon D70s body is very robust and has some weight to it, not to mention the grip is very easy to hold on to and takes up your whole hand. You actually feel as if you just spent some money.

I'm new to the world of digital, but that's my 2 cents. You'll have to make those determinations for yourself, as the image qualities seem to be neck and neck.

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Hi,... specs time...


Now,... the only thing about the size of the XT is just a matter of using it.

I don´t think you will leave all the great features Canon EOS 350d gives you over the Nikon D70 just for a finger,... I´m not a little person and it feels good, I bought thr grip and I have nothing to say...

IMHO go with the Canon,... but this is like Chevrolet or Ford...

Good luck

hope this helps


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Thanks for the feedback. I decided to go with the D70s as i have a few manual lenses. I realize the auto functions won't work with them but they're good lenses and at least the lenses won't become useless.

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