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I have always been a fan of canon. I currently have an S40 which has served its purpose. I am wanting to upgrade and would like some advice. Most of my pics are of my kids, ages 5 and 1. So I would like something quicker. But at the same time I do not want it to be too big that I will never want to bring it alongfor a day at the park. I like the idea of the image stabilizer, does it work like they say?? The DV quality movie feature also seems nice but would it ever get used? I know I could not go wrong with the Rebel but I am wondering if it is too much of camera for my usage. Is it worth spending the extra $400? Thanks in advance!!
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I was pretty much in the same situation, I had an A80, (still do)and I mainly take shots of the family, but am starting to get into other subjects. I like that camera a lot, but I wanted the ability to attached an external flash to get better low light shots, which a lot of pictures are, and more zoom. But coming from a 35mm film slr (before the A80) I loved the idea of a manual zoom lens, which is why I bought the Konica Minolta A200. The picture quality IMO is excellent.

I was looking at the digital rebel xt, pentax *ist DS, Nikon D70. Besides being large, the cost difference, A200 $539, rebelxt $860 +additional lens (besides the included kit). Obviously the rebel xt is a much better camera,MUCH faster, MUCH less noisy.

You maay also look at the Panasonic FZ20, I think this is an excellent camera as well, Olympus c8080.
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I love my FZ20. It does not have a RAW format, just tiff or jpg and it is 5 mega pixel. But it does have the image stabilizer, 12x optical zoom, auto bracket, a macro mode that gets you to 5 cm. It is extremely easy to focus manually, which I use a lot when shooting macro mode. And I took some multi second exposures using the night mode.

I have had a Canon A20 since 2001 and my family still loves to use it.

If I had three times the money I would get the Rebel XT - I would need the hand grip and a longer focal length lens which adds to the price.

As always, try the cameras and see which one fits your hands, "thinks" like you do i.e. the controls/commands seem natural to use and you aren't struggling to figure out the conceptual map they used when creating the menus.

Check the web for prices and in the US most of the large electronics chains have 12 or 18 months to pay with no interest charges offers about once a month.
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