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Thanks for taking the time to read this

I am looking for a DC primarily for P&S work, kids, church, holidays etc.

I would like min 5MP

Decent movie and low light work

Zoom... the jury is out for me on 3x or 10x.... help??

STOP PRESS :I have just found a CX7530 for AUS $249 (US $186) and it has thrown my world into a spin. Steves review of this Kodak unit was great, how does it stack up against the Sony and Kodak 5MP units... esp bang for my buck

My wife has stopped talking to me regarding my camera choice and I am wasting too much time.

Can YOU help me?

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Mark, sorry I cant answer your question, but if your wife has stopped talking to you now... wait till you get the camera!:lol:

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It's no wonder you can't sleep PastorMark, you're trying to count too many different species of sheep...I mean cameras. If you're ever going to get a good nights sleep, you need to decide the type of camera you want, and then explore only those types... Do not allow yourself to be distracted by discoveries of low priced, bargain cameras and radically different features.

First of all, do you really need a minimum of 5 MP? What will that do for you?

Will you ever be happy with a 3X zoom, or do your needs beg for a megazoom?

What are your budget limitations? You listed cameras that range from US $186 to upwards of $600. Do you think that cameras priced that far apart could begin to compete with each other?

Why don't you elaborate on your needs, your photographic aspirations, and your realistic price ceiling, and I'm sure someone in this forum will be able to assist you.

the Hun
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If it's any comfort... getting overwhelmed with information -- even to the point of interrupted sleep -- seems to be a common digital camera buyer's affliction.

I'm sleeping okay, but I can barely think of anything else in my waking hours. In fact, it seems worse this time than with my first digital camera (which just got stolen, so... ).
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