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I have read through all the reviews I can find and have narrowed down my choices to two. The DSC T7 and the fujifilm Z1.I like them both a lot, I really need the camera to be tough, quick(inall conditions), responsive, and picture quality is important, but I am not too picky when iit comes to photos. The Z1 is great but I don't know much about fuji's reputation with cameras and based on pictures, its flash looks weak too. The T7 is really cool too but I hear its flash isvery veryweak(anyone know the range of it). If anyone can help and compare some more pros and cons, as well as show me some sample pics that would be great. I guess lowlight photos will happen somewhat frequently so the flash is important, but the Z1 can go up to 800 ISO(don't know how it preforms there though). Anyways all help is much appreciated and thank you for any informationyou might have.

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The T Series models from Sony have very weak flashes, and are best used outdoors.

The flash on the T7 is rated at around 5.2 feet (my assumption is that this is an Auto ISO rating, so it's probablyboosting ISO speed to get this far).

One of our forum members recently posted some test photos comparing flash strength from some of the Sony models here:


As for the Fuji Z1, I have not seen any reviews of this model yet (some dealers appear to have justreceived this model, with most reputable dealers still showing it out of stock). So, I won't comment on it until it's tested by reputable reviewers.

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Both are pretty new product so not too many reviews were written about them, but in the following links you can see one review for each camera, the score is N/A since they rank products that has at least two review (makes sense...), from the single review each camera has you can see that the Z1 got 90 while the T7 received only 60, although it's hard to decide with only one review, it seems that the Fuji is better, I suggest that you read both reviews.

You should also register to receive "Review Alerts" when new reviews about these productswillpublish.

Fuji Z1 - http://www.viewscore.com/product_pag...p;categoryID=3

Sony T7 - http://www.viewscore.com/product_pag...p;categoryID=3

Scroll down to view the attched reviews.

I bet Steve is working on something too...

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