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I am very new to digital cameras and photography, but very much interested and need help deciding what camera to buy?

I have a budget of around $250-275.I can live happily with 4MP or less.

My main priority is zoom(atleast 6X). The pictures should be clear and sharp even in low light(indoor) conditions. I really hate those Red-eyes. How can soo costly Digicams return images with red-eyes!

I did try to do some research but now i'm goin crazy:?

Fugi's S5100, Canon S1 IS, Minolta Dimage Z2, Panasonic Lumix LZ2 were some which i saw. Out of these Canon seemed good with Image Stabilization but opinion of ppl using it revelaled that it lacked picture sharpness!

Minolta Z2 had pathetic low light performance is what i came to know from opinion survey.

Panasonic LZ2returned Red-eyes!

The only left out camera was S5100.I guess it doesn't have Live Histogram but thats ok.

Please guys, suggest me whether to go for this S5100 or are there some other cameras which i should look out for?

Panasonic Lz2 is different from the rest of the cameras but i liked it cause it gave 6x zoom and came in such a compact size. But Red eye is a show spoiler!

I was looking for camera with minimal shutter lag, I guess S5100 is very good in this department too. Please let me know if thereare any drawbacks of S5100. Also do suggest other cameras that fit my bill.


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Hi: The Fuji S5100 is a good camera; most owners are really satisfied with it's performance. I think it still has the $50 rebate in effect, so you can buy it for $300 or less.


Also, look at the ultrazooms from Olympus. The 10x zoom on the C765 or C770 is an excellent lens.


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Red eye is caused by a flash which is too close to the lens. The further the flash is from the lens, the further you can get from your subject before red eye sets in. Of course it depends on the persons and the camera's red eye functions.

Example: An average P&S fas it's flash in the camera body, so you can get red eye as close as 3 feet. With some of the pop up flashers, such as the Fuji e series, you can get about 5-6 feet away and rarely get red eye. If you have a dSLR or mini dSLR with a large pop up, you may be able to get 10-12 feet away without red-eye. The reason many of those cameras fave external attatchments is to get the flash higher up, where red eye becomes very rare or non-existant. Think of a tringle between the flash, the subject's eyes, and the camera lens. The larger the angle where the subject's eyes are, the less likely red eye is. All numbers are guestimations BTW.
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Thank you guys for all your replies!


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well after hearing so many good things about the fuji S5100 i ordered one. It has the 4 megapicel and 10x optical zoom so you cant go wrong with it. I also read that it pretty much eliminates the redeye automatically. I read so many good reviews on this camera that i cant wait till mine gets here. I saw some pixs people on here took with it some at full zoom and they were awsome
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iam - I had my heart set on the Fuji s5100 but I simply cant get past the vignetting issue. If it didn't have that, I would have it in a second. Otherwise it is a perfect camera. Most of my pictures are landscape shots that show sky, so the vignetting is a big no-no, unless I can find a way to get rid of it in PS very easily. Camra can be had for around 240$ (most retailers jacked up the price after the rebate).

So now im looking at the Olympus C770 which is also 10x (14x with the smart zoom at2 mp). The only downer about it is the proprietary battety. However , it is smaller and takes real sharp pics. It also has way more controls and features than the Fuji.It's about 280$ for that cemra, and it's picture quality beats up on the S2 and H1. It also has a movie mode that lets you use the zoom while recording. 25 minutes of recording at 640x480 with a 512mb card.

Im also looking at the Z2 which you canget now for 190$. has 10x zoom, AA's, very fast, good focus, great movie mode that lets you zoom while recording. It also gets excellent reviews.

Finally, the Sony H1 for 499$ is something I am looking at. If it can use zoom in movie mode it may be something I buy. The colors and movie quality is tremendous. Plus it uses AA's. But it is really lacking the manual controls of the C770.

It seems the C770 is reallymore of a prosumer model.
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