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Hello -

This is my first post in these forums but I have been an avid 'lurker' for quite some time now. I recently sold my Konica Minolta DiMage G400 and I am looking to buy a camera with 12x Optical zoom. My options are as follows:

1. Sony DSC-H1

2. Konica Minolta DiMage Z5

3. Canon S2 IS

I've done as much research as I can and obviously the reviews are limited at this point in time due to the fact that the Sony and Canon do not come out until June. The Z5 on the other hand has been around for a few months and has received decent reviews but mediocre picture quality has been the general consensus.

Some points to consider, the Sony does NOT have a zeiss lens, it is a sony lens, the Sony records in MPEG Format for movies, KMZ5 records in .MOV (quicktime format), and the Canon records in .AVI format. The video functionality is not a buying factor for me as I already own a dvd-camcorder. What I am looking for:

A camera that can take ounstanding pictures for regular sized printing as well as web-related functions. The zoom-factor is the major selling point for me, so I guess the camera that can provide the best pictures from the zoom with good image stability will be the winner. My old Konica Minolta has poor low-light performance and had some serious red-eye issues.

Anyway, I am looking for some feedback, any suggestions, or comments would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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I am curious as to why you would not consider the Panasonic mega-zooms. Or perhaps you have?.....

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I did consider the Panasonic's but I have a connection at a certain store which does not carry Panasonics! Therefore, I would be required to pay full-retail...Regardless, I've heard pros and cons of the Panasonics as well...

I just went and checked out the Canon S2, the KM Z5, and the Panasonic 12x camera (don't know the model)...First observations:

- Konica Minolta DiMage Z5 - After holding and testing the KM Z5 I can't even believe I considered getting this camera, it's interface looks like something from Windows 3.1, it takes 5-10 seconds to focus on a zoomed object (unless you press the button to take the picture lightly) and it's LCD screen is poor but large.

- Canon S2 IS - Cheap looking camera in terms of appearance, it had the best LCD screen by FAR, and had the best image stabilization as well as focus when on a zoomed object in comparison to the other cameras, the object would focus automatically almost immediately.

- Panasonic 12x (don't know the model) - Best looking camera of the bunch, also the smallest, probably also posseses the best lense of the group including the Sony based on the fact the Sony does not have Zeiss lens, the auto-focus and image stabilization was very good, better then the Z5 but not as good as the Canon. The LCD screen on the Panasonic was equal to the Z5.

That's a very basic 'cosmetic' overview of the cameras not including the Sony DSC-H1. I don't know enough technically about digicams to assess the pros and cons of each cam and I was hoping someone was able to provide this information. Either way, I am leaning towards the Sony without even seeing it yet, but if I were to pick from the 12x cameras I tested today, it would be between the Canon S2 IS or the Panasonic 12x. I am not a fan of toy-like cameras, therefore, based on size and overall look of the camera I would choose the Panasonic. I will further assess the situation once I test the Sony.
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