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Has anyone out there compared the use of a fujifilm ultrazoom to the nikon 8800?

I have a fujifilm s5000. I love the zoom on it and want nothing less than 10x optical zoom.

I alsolike the image color and technology for what it is (3.1 megapix) but now want more print quality (at large sizes).

So... I would be thrilled to get an 8 megapix + 10x opt zoom option from fujiflm as I've totally bought into their imaging technology, but the option doesn't exist at the moment.

So what about the 8800? Will I be as happy with it? I tend to zoom in quite far and am mainly concernedwith doing that (usually in outdoor settings).

Sorry if this is a double post. I'm new at this.
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the nikon 8800 is one of the best ultrazooms out there.. albeit an expensive one.. but if image quality is your primary concern, it may well be worth it..
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Tx, Hards80. I'm assuming you have one, so will ask you a few more questions.

Have you tried printing out any images as large as 20 x 30 inches (I read that they look great and would love verification)? If so how'd they look.. professional quality? And what were you shooting --- RAW? If not, what's the largest you've printed or seen printed from these?

And without breaking the bank, which 1 gig compact flash card would you recommend? The fujifilm zoom is quite fast and I read that the 8800 can be a bit slow in some aspects-- so one solution seems to bea cf card that is high speed

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I don't have an 8800 though I was considering getting one. From what I have read, though, it's the focusing that can be slow, especially in low light. I don't think a fast CF card will remedy that. For what it's worth, I have had good luck with Transcend 45X CF cards.

It seems newegg (www.newegg.com) is selling 1 gig Transcend CF cards for just under 80 bucks.

Good luck.
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