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Ok...I've looked at reviews until I'm blue in the face. I"ve come to a couple of conclusions, but for all you digital camera gurus, please feel free to correct.

First off, I"m seeing that there isn't much difference between a 6MP and 8MP camera. Someone said that in order to see a minor difference in picture quality, you would have to at least double the MP output..say from 6 to 12. Is this right or wrong?

If it is correct, then I'm looking at the following cameras:

1. Minolta Maxxum 7D (I LOVE how this camera feels and all the physical controls, but it is a bit expensive and is 6.1MP). I also have some average lenses from my old Maxxum, but they are silver (yuck), usable none the less...I think.

2. Canon 20D ((Look and feel of camera is OK) Picture quality, all reviews say it is awesome at 8MP, but I truly can't see a difference in the samples. They all look pretty good to me. Price is about that of the 7D.

3. Canon Digital Rebel and Digital Rebel XT (Both look good, but the feel is really cheap and light which I don't really like) Reviews on the XT have been really good and the original Digital Rebel is at $385 bucks for the body which is nice!! In essence, the cost of the Digital Rebel is appealing, but I don't want to necessarly buy outdated technology. The Digital Rebel XT (8MB) takes great pics, is moderaly priced, but the quality just feels terrible.

4. Olympus E-300. (Camera feels pretty good, much better than the Digital Rebels) but I don't know a whole lot about Olympus as their offering is a little limited. Reviews are good on this camera and it has ALL the bells and whistles. Price is around $480 bucks for an 8MP camera which is awesome.

Ok...so there's the line up. For my background, I'm an amatuer photographer, but would like to extend my picture taking to a higher degree than just a hobby. Lenses are obviously a concern of mine and seem to be very expensive with some brands.

Anyhow, any input on some or all of the cameras would be appreciated. I'm really leaning towards the Minolta simply for the feel and control, but wanted to know if anyone had a clue about their lense offering and cost.

I of course have an open mind about any of the choices, just wanted to hear some opinions from the pros.

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well they will all serve you well.. so if you want to stick with minolta and like the feel of the 7d by all means pick one up.. it does lag behind the canon in af/ae performance and noise.. but it does have built in anti-shake that makes all your lenses image-stabilized.. it also boasts one of the best control layouts out there..

enjoy, dustin
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