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Need camera for taking pictures of moving objects on about 10- 30 m or more.
Picture quality should be high, with no blur.

FUJI S5500(5100)- cheap, but seems very good. 4 MP is less then others but it would be ok.
KODAK Z740- fits our price limit.5 MP is good, but is it better than FUJI?
PANASONIC FZ5- seems like great camera, but it is a bit too expensive,so I don`t know is it worth to risk for...

Please give me advice about this cameras and even better ones if you think there is one which fits our budget.(about 400$- but some models are higher priced on our, Croatian market, then in U.S.).
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I like the S5500 (S5100 in the US). For the price, it's a great deal. Uses AA batteries, available anywhere. If you are going to be taking pictures in daylight, it would be a good choice.

However, if you are going to be taking pictures of fast moving objects in low light, you maywant to save a little longer and get the FZ-5. It hasimagestabilization, which allows you to get non-blurry pictures at relatively slow shutter speeds.

Check out Steve's reviews of these two cameras, especially the last page of each.



Good luck!

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Thanks for advice, but still not quite sure what to buy.
Can anybody say something about KODAK 740, or 7590??
Are they worth a little bit more then FUJI S5500?
Is the PANASONIC FZ5, or FZ4 the best choice in this class, with a budget limit about 400$.
CanOLYMPUS C-770UZ or maybe C-55(not big zoom camera) even compare to other camera I posted here??

Sorry for bother you, but this is extremly important to me...
Thanks again...
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well i had a hard time trying to decide which camera to buy also. I had a kodak i believe it was a 7630 and it was 6.1 megapixels but only 3x optical zoom. I wanted more zoom so i ordered a fuji finepix S5100. I read a ton of reviews on different sites from professionals and also general users. I ordered it after i read so many good reviews. The only cons i read were that it didnt have image stabliization, but the kodak cameras didnt have that either. Also the memory card was a little higher but i saw a lot of the pics taken by the fuji and liked everyone i saw even at full zoom. Cant wait till the camera gets here so i can start using it
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After having read several reviews, I never really considered the Kodaks, particularly due to the slow cycle times:


If Kodak still had a chance of enticing me to buy, it evaporated when I picked up a 7590 in a store and got my finger stuck between the hand grip and the lens housing (no clearance for a guy with long fingers).

I also looked at the Panasonics, but couldn't justify the price.

I bought a Fuji S5100, and I'm glad I did...4 MP, 10X zoom, AF assist lamp, great picture quality and video...and it fits my hand perfectly. For the price, I don't think the features and quality of this camera can be beat.

Is Kodak worth a little more than the S5100/5500? IMHO, not even close.

the Hun
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Hi Matea:

I think you should go with the Fuji S5100 (5500). It's hard to beat for the price. Personally, if the cameras were the same price, I would go with the Olympus C770 for the movies with audio feature. But the Fuji is usually found at a better price, and it is a very good camera that delivers a lot for the money.

I don't think you would be disapointed with the Fuji. And the Hun is right, Iagree that you shouldnot choose the Kodaks if the Fuji or Olympus is available in your market.

P.S. Both the Fuji and Oly offer shutter priority modes. For your fast moving objects, be sure and set your camera to high shutter speed and pan with the object for better results.
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