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I have the Sony P200 and love it. But a word of caution: it has some manual settings, but it does not have a full manual mode.
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Yocky and d48, are you guys sure?

AFAIK, the Sony has only two apertures to choose in manual mode, but it does have a full manual mode, no (i.e., you get to choose shutter speed and aperture)?

Maybe there's just some miscommunication here.

Patrick, I'm assuming you've read the reviews on all the cameras. Otherwise (or even so), it'd probably be a good idea to get some more feedback, maybe in the brand-specific fora here, on each camera you're considering.
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Strange as it may sound, I suggest that you do not pay much attention to image quality. In many cases, that simply says if the reviewer (or you) like the results using the default settings of sharpness, contrast, saturation, ... That is probably more important as you look at higher level cameras since those tend to make the assumption that you will either choose your own settings or/and deal with them in post processing. Reviewers can really only look at the default settings - doing more would be overwhelming.

Since many of those settings can be done in post processing, but cannot be undone, they are often set to minimum levels as the default in higher level cameras. Most folks like more saturation, sharpening, ... than that.
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@thebac: Also my old A40 has only two apertures and it was enough for me

@yocky: somehow i cannot enjoy the design of the e550, f810 and s70

@billdrew: you are so right, i forgot to form a own opinion on these cams! I just looked for the best technical specifications but this is really not what counts!
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