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the difference in resolution between a 6mp and an 8mp camera is very slight.. unless you are shooting in RAW and making huge enlargements, you probably will not see a difference.. '

therefore, what camera you purchase should be based on your own feel for the camera.. so whichever one you prefer the handling and controls of.. also it should depend on what system, or brand, you prefer or have lenses for..

it is true that in the automatic modes, so the scene modes, etc.. the rebel xt will produce images that are sharper and have more contrast than the 7d.. but that is only because in these modes the canon has its in camera sharpening and contrast elevating software "turned up". the same results can be had with the 7d by changing the default setting in sharpness and contrast..

no matter what camera you choose.. post-processing will improve your images.. and with careful post-processing, i doubt that you could tell a difference between the image of the xt vs the 7d unless you are making huge enlargements... for more info on post-processing, see the post i placed in the general questions and answers following your questions there..

best regards, dustin
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I did not realize I could adjust sharpness and contrast on the camera itself. I shall explore that.

Thanks AGAIN, Dustin!
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