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Hello everyone!

I have decided to buy a D70 like everyone else on the planet it seems. I have a $1300.00 budget and I need some advice. Keep in mind that the $1300 is all I have to spend, so if something is $1400 but has a $100 rebate, it won't be an option for me.

The delimma that I am facing is that I am not sure which lens/lenses I want. I will be using my camera for a wide range of different types of photography so I need versatility. Here are the objectives that I am hoping to accomplish:
1. Good performance all around. I will be taking a lot of pictures at random; holidays, birthdays, etc...and I want something that will perform well in those "general" conditions.
2. Good zoom performance. I am excited about shooting some good wildlife pictures. I live in Louisiana, so there are many lakes, ponds, and wooded areas with animals to photograph. Also, during football season I am usually at high school games on Friday and college games on Saturday so I want something that can get some good shots from my seat. I am not in the nosebleed section, but im not exactly on the sideline with the press photographers either...yet!
3. Good macro performance. For the wildlife that I will actually be able to get close to I would like a lens that would give me some good close-ups. I also just generally get a kick out of taking extremely close pictures of everyday objects like a burning match or poker chips.
4. This one is the least important of the 5, but certainly something I would like. I often go to air shows and races and I would like to be able to get some good "action" shots of planes or cars that are going extremely fast.
5. Last but not least, I am going to Belize on my honeymoon on June 25th. I want to be able to take advantage of all the features I have mentioned above to get some truly amazing pictures of a beautiful place.

Now (and special thanks to those still reading!) I have read A LOT about the DSLR world in the last few months and here are the options available to me that I am considering. I have no idea if they will suit my needs, hence this thread, but it is my attempt at actually solving my own problem! Here are my options based on what I know:
1. D70 with kit lens (18-70mm AF-S DX f/3.5-4.5G IF-ED Nikkor). Typical package sold everywhere. ~$1000
2. D70 with Quantaray 18-50mm AF Zoom Lens. Package found at Ritzcamera.com. $899
3. D70 with Quantaray 19-35mm F3.5-4.5 Autofocus Zoom Lens. Also found at Ritzcamera.com $949
4. D70 with two lens kit (Sigma 28-80mm Autofocus Lens and Sigma 70-300mm Autofocus Lens). Also found at Ritzcamera.com $979
5. D70 body only with whatever other lens/lenses that anyone can suggest to me. Body is $749 at Ritzcamera.com

I feel like buying the body only may give me a good bit of extra money to buy lenses with but I dont want to do that if any of those bundled lenses are good. I know I wont get the best of the best for my limited budget, but I want the best I can get. As far as those bundles go, I dont know anything about Quantaray lenses, but the Sigmas look very tempting. I also plan on buying a 1GB 80x CF card, so that will add another 110-140 to my bottom line.

Thank you all for reading that. I look forward to some good advice!
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right now you will best suited by getting the kit with the included lens (which is really a nice lens and is better than any you mentioned).. it will give you a reasonably effective zoom range for the majority of your subjects.. if you try to save money and get some of those lenses you have mentioned, you will just be disappointed in the future and wish you would have put the money in the piggy bank for a better lens..

so get the kit.. put the rest of the money in your savings account.. and use your camera for the next couple of months.. this will give you a better idea of what lens you will need next.. then hopefully you will have been able to add some more of your money to your savings account and will have enough saved up to buy a quality lens.. maybe a 70-200 2.8 or the likes thereof..

best regards, dustin
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