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I currently have a Kodak DX6340 which is an older 3mp camera. Just because it's older doesn't mean its bad though. It has a 4x optical zoom, f2.2 - 5.x with Auto, Shutter, and Aperture modes (no fully manual mode). It has the equivalent of a low-light autofocus light. However, I'm looking to possibly sell it because:

a) I don't like how the images lose a bit of detail such as little blades of grass (a common problem with Kodaks).

b) I already own a Panasonic FZ-15 for when I go on trips and what not. My DX6340 is strictly for party/social purposes. What annoys me is the 6340's low megapixels because whenever I ask someone to take a picture for me, they never zoom in, in order to properly frame the photo. I always end up cropping the picture because people don't know how to frame!!

c) When I want to take a social picture, I never sit there and try to adjust the shutter or aperture. I just throw it on Auto mode and call it a day.

So I'm thinking, maybe I should get a camera that has a higher megapixel count. I was looking into the Panasonic LZ2 which is a 5mp camera, complete with image stabilization (which is an awesome feature, IMO) and a 6x optical lense packed into a body which is about the same size as my DX6340 now.

However, I don't know if this "upgrade" is necessary. Here is my rationale:

a) $$$:Although the camera is cheap for its class, it's still a bit out of my budget.

b) LCD screen doesn't gain-up (just like every other Panasonic camera) and the resolution is low (85,000 pixels). Then again, I have no idea what my DX6340's LCD resolution is (it is 1.8"diag.)...but I'm assuming it's higher

c) So-so low-light, so-so autofocus system, so-so everything it seems like.

d) I'll lose the brighter lens (DX6340 had a f2.2 at wide, the LZ2 is f2.8).

I do like the extra megapixels, the longer zoom, and the OIS. The only other similar camera that I'm considering is the Pentax Optio S5i (I think I have the correct model number). It's just the Pentax is even more expensive, and again...it sounds to be a mediocre camera according to the reviews.

Someone help me make up my mind! :!:
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Since you asked...

I'm not so sure that your plan is wise, except for the fact that you'll be getting rid of your Kodak, which you're obviously unhappy with for its intended use. The reason I'm doubting your wisdom, is because I don't see the camera you intend to buy as that much of an upgrade (once again for your intended use), other than having more MP (and I think you would need to double the MP to see a real difference).

I think you would be better served by a camera that has better low light performance, 6 or 7 MP, and faster cycle times. Why go from one mediocre camera to another?

Do yourself a favor, and take a quick look at the F10;


Forget about price, brand, memory type, or any other preconceived notions you might have - just read the review.

It's fast, great low light performance (1600 ISO!), a 2.5" LCD (115,000 pixels), 6 MP (which competes against 7 MP cameras, according to the review). Look at the sample pics at this site, especially the theatre shot taken at ISO 1600 - yeah, it's noisy, but you would have needed a thousand dollar DSLR to do better under those conditions...but you couldn't have put the DSLR in your pocket when you were done.

Good luck with your search.

the Hun
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