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How good isthe Casio EX-Z750orPanasonicFX7atshooting without flash indoors in low light ?
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Don't know, but have you ruled out the Fuji F10? That sort of thing is its specialised subject.
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My friend has the FX7& he is very unhappy with the indoor no-flash performance of the camera. I have seen many of his samples& they are extremely are blurry & more than average noise at 1/20-1/60 shutter (at various ISOs), even under normal (not very dim) indoor condition. Another major complain is60-70 pics per fullbattery charge! I can confirm Z750 is 400+ pics per charge.

Z750is my 24/7 pocket cam,&majority of my Z750 shots (usually at bars & gigs) are indoor & no flash. I have included a sample for your reference.

Taken during a jazz gig. Extremely dim (prollyone 40w bulb in a 500ft room) & subjects wereback-lit & in action. ISO-100, F3.6, 1-Sec Shutter,11.8mm zoomed. Original pic was cropped in-camera to 748x561 from 3072x2304. Hand held leaning to a table, no tripod.


I think the major difference between the 2 you mentioned under such difficult shooting condition without flash is:FX7 has no aparture, shutter priority nor full manual control and Z750 has all A/S/M to help.

Hope it helps ...

ps ... I heard good things about F10 in the dark (higer ISO settings). Unfortunately, both F10 & FX7 lacks the optical viewfinder which helps a lot whenshooting actions indim indoor no-flash condition. No real manual controls neither for Fuji F10underdifficult dim light conditions.
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