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In my search for a Manual Focus camera, from a Olympus C-7000/C-70, I ended up deciding to get a DSLR camera.

The Olympus E-1 and the Olympus E-300.

Now what I need to know is which camera is better & what is the difference between them.

If anyone has used these camera's and can give me some feedback as to choose which one, and how much difference will the size of the sensors make in the photographs, I'll be really grateful.

In this website http://www.myfourthirds.com most of the pictures are taken with an Olympus E-1 camera, with excellent results.

In the Official Olympus Website, most of the Professional Photographers have used the Olympus E-1, and the results are amazing. I've heard somethingthat the sensor size is larger in the E-1 & is better. Is the E-1 better than the E-300?I'm just beginning to learn photography, andit's my first time in using digital cameras.

Any help would be really appreciated.

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Hi: The sensor in both is the Four-Thirds standard and the same size. The number of pixels vary, not the size which is 18.00 x 13.50mm in both cameras. The E-1 is more pro-oriented; while is E-300 is more consumer oriented.




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Sorry about the above edit...:sad: was copy pasting & lost my earlier post.

Thanks for the links, but I really need some good advice. I'm planning on taking up photography as a part-time profession in a couple of years. I'm just beginning at the moment with normal film cameras.

So which digital camera would be better?

I've read the reviews, but I'm not still not sure which one to get. the 8 megapixelsmakes the E-300 look very attractive for larger prints, but at the same time, I see hundreds of people talking about the older E-1, specially Professional photographers.

Should I go for the E-1 or E-300?

What do I do? :sad:
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I finally decided to get the Olympus E-300! :-)

I found this "Main Features and Differences between the E-300 And E-1"Table on the olympus website.

It helped me to decide. Posting the link here so that it may help others too.


Cheers! :bye:

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Same features, E-300 is noiser due to higher pixel density, also has internal flash (but if you're considering this a "part-time profession" you'll never use an internal flash). E-1 has far better build quality, not merely re: body but also weather-seals, shutter life, etc.

If you're thinking of turning this into "part-time profession" in two years' time I'd suggest starting w/ a good prosumer. In two years there will be alot of new dSLR's out there.
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