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Hi, I'm new to the world of digicam, it came to my mind when I left last year to Seattle without a camera, so this year, I'm getting one for sure :G

I've been doing some research about cameras and how they work (SLR), but I've come to conclude that I wanted a camera that can fit in my pocket for quick snaps or just in the stock iPod case.

I've used my preferences to cut down the list to 3 cameras, the Sony T7, Sony W7, and the Casio Exilim Z750. my preference include, ultracompact, some manual freedom (becoming an amatuer experimentalist photographer as a little hobby; shutter speed=must), big LCD display, and "style" for sure.

The reason why I added the W7 to my main list was because I know it's a good beginner camera. Good battery, big screen, decent manual options, good quality pictures (I was wondering, I have a Memory Card Pro Duo 1GB and i have the adapter for it, will it work for the W7??).

The main reason I love the T7 is because of its ultracompact (ultra mega compact they shall call it??) beauty. I would feel really comfortable and stylish with this camera. Although it takes pictures during the daylight well, but indoor/weak lighting is where the T7 lacks, but I wont be taking the pictures in the dark corners of my house, so it will be fine :roll: . Ultracompact is what i want, but I'm a Sony fan and maybe you guys can incourage me to get the W7.

My budget is ok up to $600, basically i need a camera for quick snaps outside, mainly upclose flowers. and urban pictures.

Thanks in advance, I hope you guys can help me in any way

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I don't see where the T7 fills your requirements. I think it is purely point and shoot with no manual controls. Not having a viewfinder other than the LCD can be a disadvantage as can the weak flash. I can't relate to style – I buy cameras for what they can do.

The W7 doesn't seem like an ultra-compact, but it is a good camera with the features you want. The P200 doesn't have as large a LCD but is more pocketable and very good. The P200 along with the P150 are about the only really small cameras you can buy that don't give much red eye with flash shots.

Your card should work fine with the adapter.

The Casio 750Z is a very appealing camera. It is about the smallest thing you can get with a large LCD, optical finder and full manual modes. But you can't use your memory.

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On balance I think I'd go for the P200 if you already have the memeory stick. I beleive it has as many manual options as the W7.
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alright, thanks for the replys,

i've looked up the p200, it looks like a great camera, but i really deteste the shape of the camera, and also the 2" is just "okay" for me.

I have taken the T7 from the list and narrowed it down to the W7, and the Z750, can you guys help me decide? (getting new memory card doesn't matter to me)

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