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I am fairly new to the world of digital photography, but I'd like to know more. For years I used an Olympus D-560 3.2 mp and have been satisfied. Now I'd like to upgrade. The Fujifilm F10 looks like a great camera and it has received the best reviews for a camera in its category. Canon's S2 SI is also receiving high marks but it is an entirely different kind of camera - more advanced, manual controls and much bulkier than the F10. It seems like comparing apples and oranges here. I would love to have a 12X zoom camera like the Canon S2 SI for certain shots and the F10 for everyday ease of use to keep in my pocket. Is this really necessary, though? To spend so much money on two quality cameras seems extravagant and I don't want to do so if I don't need to. Would the F10 be enough camera just to take sharp, excellent indoor and outdoor shots - as an all around digital camera? The S2 SI seems like too much camera for me, but I love that 12X optical zoom feature. Please advise. I don't want to break the bank. Thanks all.
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Just my opinion, I think you will be kicking yourself if you don't get the S2 with it's 12x optical, image stabilized zoom .

You can always use auto mode until you learn how to use the manual controls, and you will want to, for more creative photography.

If you were seriously considering the expense oftwo cameras, then I would suggest you go for one DSLR. Yes it would cost more in the long(or short) run, with lenses etc, but, for example, you could get a Canon Rebel XT (350D) with the kit lens for around $900.00. That's a little more than $90.00 on top.

Consider a cheaper carry around later maybe.

Just a thought.

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Only you know whether the finances are reasonable. But I've always had both a large competent camera and a small one I can carry everywhere. I have always had good 35mm SLR equipment but with a small 3X zoom 35mm carry camera. It worked out that I got better photos with the SLR but more numerous photos with the pocket camera because it was with me more often.

I went to digital 3 years ago and have still followed the same trend even though I haven't moved to DSLR. I bought a Minolta D7i for good photography and an Oly C50, which was the most competent small camera available 3 years ago.

I have since bought a Panasonic FZ10 for the stabilized 12X f2.8 images. It is great for outdoor wildlife photography. But I still get more photos from my pocket camera because it is always with me. I wouldn't be without both a competent large camera with a flash attachment and a small camera that is always with me.

If I could have only one camera I guess I would go for the small pocket camera. The first rule of a gunfight is to have a gun. You don't get pictures from that super competent bulky camera that is sitting at home when a photo opportunity arises.

After fruitlessly waiting for a decent small stabilized camera with a viewfinder and manual controls I've decided to get something else to replace the C50. After looking at everything I ordered a Casio Z750.

I have tried shooting with just the LCD to see whether I could learn to live without an eyelevel viewfinder. I've decided I can't. If I could I would probably choose one of the small stabilized Panasonics over the F10. The stabilization is good for at least 2 f stops, which means you can shoot at ISO 100 where you would need ISO 400 or higher on the F10 – some claim results as high as 3 f-stops for stabilization, but I think that might be a little generous.

In the dpreview review of the FX7 it was pointed out that the stabilization just about makes up for the poor stability of shooting without an eyelevel viewfinder. The extra ISO of the F10 would be in the same boat, that you would have to boost the ISO in less than perfect lighting to make up for the extra camera shake.

You might want to look at the Panasonic LZ2 if you can do without an optical finder. It is small, stabilized and has a 6X zoom. You might get by with just one camera. It is a little bulkier than the F10 and heavier once you install the NiMH batteries. And the movie mode isn't too good if you are interested in movies.

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Imo, I agree with slipe. what's the point of having a camera if it sits around all the time. If I were you, I would get the F10 if it had!! to be between those two, in fact, for me, i am deciding between that, and the T7. Anyways back to you, if your open to other suggesstions, check out theSony cybershotP200. It has fully manuel controls, a 2.0 in LCD, it's ultra compact, and it supports conversion lenses. So you could buy that camera($400.00), a 512 mb memory stick($60) and the conversion lens($130)and you would then have ONEpocketable camera, manuel control, a 3x optical zoom lens, and for the times requiring more zoom, you could just pop in the conversion lens. I think that would be your best bet. Besides, it is also fast, long flash(and compatible with a flash salve if the built i nisn't long enough) and can easily fit into a pocket. Hope I helped
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