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I would like to know why no one has responded to my post about family camera with perks. I need some help deciding and it seems people are quick to post replies for other people. Did I do something wrong. If you are interested please see my previous post Titled Family Camera With Perks.
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I want to buy a car...I'm torn between a Honda Civic, a Lincoln Navigator, and a Lamborghini Diablo...I'm leaning toward the Diablo, because I can get a used one for only $235,000.00...

Sorry gotrain, but the three cameras you selected don't have much in common, other than they are all digital cameras. And...you didn't ask a question in your original post...what type of reply did you expect?

Take a look at your camera selections:


See what I mean? What do you need? A 3X zoom or a 10X zoom? IS or no IS? AF assist or no AF assist? Wide angle or doesn't that matter? Does the physical size and/or the weight of the camera matter to you? Do you really want a proprietary Li-Ion battery, or would you prefer AA's?

Out of the three cameras you listed, IMO the 7070 is by far the best, especially if you can really buy it for $350.00. However, it may not be the ideal camera for meeting all of your expressed needs. For example, you plan on taking pictures of the kids sporting events and plays...the max zoom on the 7070 is only 110 mm, which is good for portraits, but isn't much help when little Johnny is camped under a fly ball out in right field, and you're sitting in the bleachers behind 3rd base, or Susie is in the last row of the chorus on stage, and you're sitting in the back row of the auditorium.

Unfortunately, the one camera that does everything hasn't been invented yet...and when it does, it probably won't be available in your price range. Make a list of features that you consider 'must haves', then compare only cameras that have the same features. Then come back here with a post and see if you don't spark a couple dozen replies, arguments, even a couple of fist fights over which camera you should buy.

Good luck.

the Hun
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Thank you Hun for a least providing me with some insight
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Yeah, you can't take it personally when people don't answer -- I've noticed that this forum seems to be filled with lurkers, but the responses are few. Furthermore, in most forums, unless someone has an answer, they don't answer.!

Me? I guess I have too much time on my hands. :-)
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