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Upon graduating from university, my parents presented me with the ultimate grad present - a digicam!

So I'm down to two, pretty much at complete opposite ends of the spectrum. I can't decide if I want:

The Canon S1 IS
Or the Canon Powershot SD 400

Okay, I know. Complete opposites.

In a month, I will be heading off to Israel for a 10 day trek across the country, involving some hiking, other physical activity, and lots of touristing. Then, in September I'm heading to Europe for a year. I'll be mainly living in one place, but doing a bunch of backpacking and hostelling as well. These are both once in a lifetime trips for me, with amazing opportunities for gorgeous photos.

I love the zoom andother fun gadgetson the S1. The last 35mm camera I owned had amazing zoom, and I'm not quite sure I can happily go back. I'm not 100% sure how to use all the bells and whistles yet, but I'm willing toput some time into learning.I'd eventually like to become a more serious amateur photographer. I rarely blow up pictures, and the zoom eliminates the need for lots of cropping. However, I've also heard that the images aren't always as "sharp" as in other cameras (although I'd assume there are ways around that). Also, it's a bit bigger than I'd like. I don't know if I'll get tired lugging it around, especially with the 2 sets of rechargeable AA batteries, and a charger. I also wonder if it will make me look like a walking target for theft.

The SD is pretty much the opposite. Tiny, compact, 5MP, and I've heardthe photo quality is pretty amazing. But it isn't as *serious* of a camera.. if that makes any sense. But then again.. am I going to get sick of "setting up" every shot? Maybe a point and shoot is better for my needs?

My biggest concern is photo quality, followed closely by fun factor and size.

Has anyone ever traveled with either of these cameras (especially the S1)? Tell me about it. And help me choose. My brain is fried, and my friend who works at Best Buy is sick of hearing me go back and forth. I need to choose ASAP, so i can get comfortable with the camera before my trip.

Just as an aside, I don't think I can afford to upgrade to the S2, buton the off chance I can, would the difference in photo quality make it worth investigating that option? I'm mainly down to choosing between the S1 and the SD, so your vote between those 2 would be appreciated.. I'm just curious about this last one.

Thanks for all your help.
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look into the panasonic fz 5 (or fz3) They are smaller than the canon and
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The S2 IS looks like a really good camera. I just ordered one off the net this morning. From what I've read from reviews, It offers more than any camera on the market in it's price range ($450 - $499). I read Canon fixed any tweeks with it's IS, so 12x optical zoom with image stabalization is a sensational upgrade from the S1 IS's 10x.
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