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Hi. I'm kind of on the verge of buying a Kodak CX7525 or CX7530 but I want to know some questions before I make my purchase.
-Is this a reliable product?
-Why is so so cheap compared to the Canon A95 or other digital cameras?
-I've heard some negative feedback on Kodak (ie: they break easily, etc.) Are they true?
-What is the difference between the Canon A95 and the CX7525 or CX7530?
-What is the absolute best thing with this camera?
-What is the absolute worst thing with this camera?
-Is buying a printer dock a good investment with it?
-Why are there a lot of refurbished CX7525s?
-Will it be discontinued soon?
-Is this a good investment?
-Can you recommend a camera better than this?
-Can you compare these two cameras to another, "better" camera?

If you are going to suggest a camera other than the CX7525 or the CX7530, read this.
My budget is under $500 CDN. Size doesn't matter but I don't want a SLR camera. I want a 5 megapixel camera with at least 3x optical zoom. Image quality is pretty important to me. I don't know what manual controls are. I will be using this for school projects, taking pictures of sports, landscape, moments (ie: birthdays, fireworks), etc. I don't know if I will be making big prints or not. I don't know what light I will be taking photos in. Yes, I will be taking sports/action photos. I prefer well-known brands over brands that make you go "Who?"
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If you're going to be taking sports/action photos, you'll probably find more zoom to be very helpful. The Olympus C-5500/C55 sells for about the same price as the CX-7530, but it has 5x optical zoom.
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