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There are so many cameras to wade through. Need help narrowing choices. Primary use will be landscape photos while traveling on my motorcycle.

Price…up to $600 or so (street).

If I could have everything it would include:

4-5 megapixel
<30mm to >200+mm or greater focal length with little or no distortion
Image stabilization
Excellent color rendition
Remote Control
Tripod Mount
Movie mode 640x480 would be nice but it's the first thing I'll give up
The more quality levels the better
Auto and manual focus via focus ring (with manual assist light)
Automatic exposure bracketing would be nice
Macro focus
The more ISO settings the better but with little or no noise
Multiple white balance settings
Apeture and shutter priority program modes
Full manual exposure
Hot shoe for external flash
AA batteries

Someone told me about the new Canon S2 IS. Read a review. Seems like photos are too noisy at higher ISO's; no manual focus ring, and no hot shoe/TTL flash. Otherwise it seems like it would be satisfactory.

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Tha Konica Minolta A200 fits all of your criteria very well except the AAs and low noise at high ISO. You will love the manual zoom, and it has a focus ring. All focus rings I know of on non-DSLR cameras are actually electric controls, but the rings still have a lot of advantages over using the zoom buttons.

The A200 has a decent buffer so raw mode is actually useable. It has a high quality JPG mode as well. 28-200 equivalent is a good range. Adobe RGB is better than the standard sRGB. It is a competent camera.

I have an older model Minolta D7i. The only thing I don't like about it is the AAs. It is the only digital camera I have that takes AAs, and even though I have a good stock and several chargers I will never own another camera that uses AAs unless I move up to DSLR and have no choice. They now have the electronics good enough that proprietary lithium batteries will fill a very large memory card. They are lighter, more compact and don't have the self-discharge hassle. I have had good luck with inexpensive aftermarket spare lithium batteries but find I don't need them very often with newer models. My little Casio Z750 will fill a 1Gb card with JPGs and still have power left over. The A200 isn't bad: http://www.imaging-resource.com/PRODS/KMA200/A2A12.HTM

If you want low noise at high ISO buy a DSLR. Fuji has a new 6Mp Super CCD that has good noise levels at higher ISO, but they haven't put it in a camera for grown-ups yet. Currently it is in a point and shoot with no viewfinder. They might eventually make the camera you need, but they don't seem to be big on wide angles.

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