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Hi, i am looking to buy a digital camera but am not sure what is good.

I want a camera with 4MP. It shouldhave a decent battery life and preferably use AA batteries. I would like a size that fits in a pocket although it doesnt have to be ultra small. I want a good picture quality and it would ge good if it had video. I want to spend about $350AUD which is around $275US. I have looked at Sony DSC-S60 but i dont knowhow big the size is. ALso i have looked at some of the casio like the SD30but peorple say that the battery life is not good. thanks for any help. i hope the information i have given is of some use anyway.
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There is a problem with looking for small cameras that use AA batteries and which have good battery life and which take great pictures and don't cost very much. Number one, AA batteries (which I think are the way to go) take up space. and add weight. Cameras either use two AA's or four AA's...the ones which use four AA's usually have much better battery life than those which only use two (twice the available mAH). In addition, flash strength and flash recycle times usually suffer in the two AA cameras. Second, smaller cameras usually have fewer features and fewer manual overrides than larger format cameras. You need to determine if you need a zoom, AF assist lamp, what video resolution you want, manual overrides, etc. Finally, the lower priced cameras usually don't have the best picture quality when compared to the more expensive ones.

That being said, here is a link which you can use to compare available cameras:


Pick a few that look good to you, and let us know - then we can evaluate your selections.

Good luck.

the Hun

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okay, i have come up with a few cameras that im looking at. These all seem to have the features im after.

Nikon 4600

Sony DSC-S90 or S60

Fuji A350 or A345

Pentax oprtio S50 or S55

I think they all have optical zoom 3xand use AA batteries.there doesnt really seem to be much difference between the two fuji except the A350 has 5MP. Also with the two sony the only difference seems to be the bigger LCD on the S90.At the moment im probably leading towards the fuji A350. Thanks for any suggestions on these
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